Friday, August 9, 2013

You Can Keep Your Agents-Only Heroes!

Finally a release worth talking about! After about a month of gimmicky Mystery Boxes and Caption Contests we get to finally play as characters that we spent our hard-earned gold on.
About time, I say! Can't wait to blast off as Iron Man MKI again!

In other recent news, yes, Thanos was released, and yes, it's another Mystery Box, this time cleverly referred to as an "Infinity Box". No news so far if there'll be a mission, but it sure would be fun to play as movie Loki and battle Thanos, (hint hint).

They also give a 10% increase to XP if you purchase gold. Well, I guess I'm eligible so seems like I'll be getting more XP when I log in again. The reason I haven't been in the game is because my computer is really, really, old. Also, all the friends I used to play with don't play anymore, so it's hard to find motivation. However, I'll still be here to finish up my What-If series properly with those two bonuses I've been teasing, as well as to give my opinions on newly released content of interest.

-- SHSOFan.