Links to my various What-Ifs, which are a special feature on my blog that are posted every once in a blue moon, where I use computer magic to bring to life situations that would be fun to see in the game. Usually it involves a hero being released that is owned by another company, something that will probably never really happen in the game.

The loading screen for the TDK Batman What-If.

TDK Batman What-If
My first What-If, which showed what would happen if Batman in his Dark Knight form came to Super Hero City.

TDK Batman What-If Post

TDK Batman What-If Video

TDK Batman What-If Behind the Scenes Post

TDK Batman What-If Behind the Scenes Video

Facebook teaser images from the Playable Villains What-If.

Playable Villains What-If
This What-If showed what would happen if you got to play as villains in the game, in this case, Hobgoblin and Carnage. This scenario would eventually come true, with Magneto and Doctor Doom actually being released as heroes in the real game!

Playable Villains What-If Post

Playable Villains What-If Behind the Scenes

The Thunderbolts What-If loading screen.

Thunderbolts What-If
This What-If was groundbreaking. First, it showed more then eight characters in the game, new types of screenshots, better looking fonts and it also introduced the concept of "Weeks" where I pretended the characters were being released in real time, with two What-If heroes released every week. Each week was accompanied by its own special behind the scenes post about how I created the heroes in that week, and a teaser image at the beginning of the week.


Thunderbolts What-If Week 1

Thunderbolts What-If Week 1 Behind the Scenes




The JLA What-If loading screen.

Justice League America What-If
This What-If showed even more DC characters in SHSO, with Darkseid as the villain. This What-If introduced special backgrounds showcasing the new characters every week.





The Transformers What-If loading screen.

Transformers What-If
This What-If was different in that I recreated the game from scratch, using reference photos as a guide. Usually I have to modify existing photos, but that was impractical. The only image from the actual game is on the loading screen: the loading bar.