Wednesday, March 13, 2013

JLA What-If - Week 2

Note: the following post is fictional, and does not represent any actual gameplay or announcements from Gazillion Entertainment, Marvel or DC.


Flash and Wonder Woman have been released! I was fortunately able to purchase both! :D

Makes me wonder who'll be coming next week, maybe the Darkseid mission and Green Lantern? I hope so.



Wonder Woman is a fun hero to explore the zones with, mostly because of her double jumping ability and her flight ability. (seen below)

I'm so glad she's a double jump hero, it'll make collecting her Hero Tokens all the more fun.

I give Wonder Woman's EXPLORATION a 5/5!


Wonder Woman fights really well, due to an amazing power attack that I've never seen before, where she deflect an enemies' attacks using her wrist gauntlets. Her combo attack is a fast and furious series of  freestyle kicks and punches, followed by a quick twirl of the Lasso of Truth around an enemy that leaves them stunned and usually K.O.s them, and if that weren't enough, a flying punch to the stomach.

I give Wonder Woman's FIGHTING a 4.5/5!


Wonder Woman isn't what I'd call a "cool" hero per say, but the wrist gauntlets and the fact that they used a newer costume of hers instead of her old one is awesome!

I give Wonder Woman's COOL FACTOR a 3.5/5!

OVERALL: Get Wonder Woman for her great attack combo, double jump and spiffy boots.

I give Wonder Woman an OVERALL score of 4/5!



Flash's exploration is awesome, because he actually runs quickly through the zones! His speed in the zones is about as fast as when you get a speed boost in the missions. Just because of this, I'm willing to overlook his otherwise standard jumping ability, (no flight).

I give Flash's EXPLORATION a 4/5! :D


Flash has a few great attacks, such as his Hero Up in which he runs in circles around the enemies, knocking them out. His attack combo is mostly made up of super-fast punches, which isn't anything we haven't seen before, (Superman). His first power attack is like Spidergirl's seismic jump attack.

I give Flash's FIGHTING a 3.5/5!


Flash is in his Barry Allen costume this time around, and I certainly appreciate it. I'm not sure how good a tin hat would look in this game. :P

I give his COOL FACTOR a 3/5! :D

OVERALL: Flash is certainly a fun hero to play as, and I'll enjoy reaching max level, especially because of his EXPLORATION.

I give Flash an OVERALL score of 3.7/5! :D


I hope that after this month we'll get to see more obscure JLA heroes, and maybe even some Young Justice characters. At the very least Impulse, (a personal favorite of mine).
I can't wait to see what the next two weeks have in store!

-- SHSOFan.