Friday, June 14, 2013

What-If: The Transformers Come to SHSO!

The following post is a fictional exploration of what a Transformers SHSO would look like.

This week Hasbro and Gazillion Entertainment, (the makers of Super Hero Squad Online), released Transformers Squad Online, a new game set in the universe of Transformers!

When I set up my account and pressed the "Start" button on the home page, I was greeted by a loading screen with Optimus Prime from G1 and Optimus Prime from the movies, and their transformed modes.

I was walked through a tutorial where I purchased both Optimus Prime and G1 Optimus Prime. Unfortunately those were the only playable characters at the time, however they've promised to include a Decepticon version of the store where you can play as Decepticons and fight Autobots in missions.

Finally, I was able to play the game. I was sent to one of two Areas, Iacon.

Because I am a reviewer and this was a prototype version of the game, nobody else was around.
Now to explain the icons, starting at the top left corner and moving clockwise.

The "Tasks" button gives you a set series of tasks to complete within the game, which awards you with XP or special characters. The button with the Autobot logo lets you switch characters.

The "Pick a Robot" screen.
The button below it with the strange symbol, (it's the Minicon logo), lets you summon a Minicon.

Clicking the Minicon button...

...lets you summon a Minicon!

The Minicons add points to your squad level as well!

Anyway, moving on, the button with the speech bubbles gives you a pre-selected bunch of phrases like, "Transform and Roll Out!", "Decepticon Alert!", or "My name is [insert character name here]".

The button with a "T" on it activates your transformation!

They've promised a racing game in the future, where you race other Autobots and Decepticons in transformed mode!

The "Buy Shanix" button lets you buy Shanix via an online form. The button to the right of it lets you toggle fullscreen mode on and off. The right hub is called the Transport Hub. It transports you to different parts of the game, like the soon to be released racing game, to the store, to different Areas, the options menu, to the card battle game, your HQ, and missions. The left hub is called the Pack. It contains items you can use in the zones, like Modifications and Enhancements.

Now that I've covered all the buttons in the main gameplay mode, it's time to move on to the store!

The store has a wide variety of categories, with more to come, I'm sure. Right now there are only the two robots to buy, but like I said earlier, they'll be coming out with a Decepticon section soon.

They have four missions currently in the game, but on my first day I was only able to get one, Shockwave's mission. However, they have a Daily Mission available every day if you aren't an Elite Guard member.

The HQ section of the store has many interesting items, like Lockdown's hook or Prowl's ninja stars. They're cheap, but you have to become an Elite Guard member to use your HQ right now, so sadly, I didn't get to try out the items I bought.

They have an awesome-looking card pack available in the Card section, however I was unable to buy it and therefore couldn't play the card game either. Oh well, I'll save up enough shanix eventually.

You can also buy Badges to increase your robot's max level. I have yet to try them, but they sound awesome!

Now it's time to review a character, and I picked Movie Optimus just because I've played on him more, though the G1 version isn't bad at all.



Optimus Prime can only jump once, and he can't fly, (still waiting for the Jetfire Upgraded Optimus Prime!), but his truck mode rolls outs smoothly and is really fun to drive around the zones, what with the physics engine and tilting and slow stops and all that fun stuff.

I give his EXPLORATION a 7/10!


Optimus Prime fights really well. He has multiple missile attacks, he slices and dices with his flame-y sword, and his Roll Out move has him transforming and ramming through anything in his path.
The Shockwave mission I played was very good, with Predacon enemies and a great two part boss battle. As Optimus, it was really fun to fight Shockwave, and then Predaking, and then to get a Titanium Alloy medal for my efforts was really satisfying.

I give his FIGHTING a 7.5/10!


The detail on Optimus is extensive, and when looked at alongside a picture of the actual movie's, the parts are replicated almost exactly. While the level of detail doesn't quite fit with the rest of the game's characters, it sure is cool!

I give his COOL FACTOR a 9.5/10!

OVERALL: I score Optimus an 8/10. He's a "prime" example of how fun the game is currently.

Well, that's it so far, be sure to watch for updates about the racing game and card battles soon! :D


Well, that wraps up this What-If... for now. However, you can vote in the new poll in the sidebar on whether you want me to show...


There would be images of a card battle with various attack cards and a new Decepticon opponent!



An awesome Mario Kart style racing game... but SHSOfied with Transformers! I'd show pictures of a cool Cybertronian race track and different power up moves.



You may have missed the leader of the Decepticons in my What-If above. If you choose this I'll show pictures from a mission where you fight Megatron, but this time with G1 Optimus.



I could animate a short video of Optimus Prime running around the zones and transforming into a truck. Should be pretty cool.

Anyway, in case you haven't noticed, I'm a huge Transformers fan as well as a Marvel and DC fan, so it was really fun to blend the two worlds together. I made everything you saw in the pictures from scratch, so if you have any questions, comment below! I'll also make a Behind the Scenes post eventually. Next on my schedule will be that Playable Villains Bonus... I think I'll use DC villains instead of Marvel ones since the What-If sort of came true. :)

Keep checking in for that and more!
-- SHSOFan.