Thursday, December 27, 2012

What If: Thunderbolts - Week 4 Behind the Scenes

Well, my Thunderbolts What-If series is done! I hope you enjoyed it, it was mostly fun to make, (even though it did eat up a LOT of my time!) and I think it was my best What-If yet.
See below for the last Behind the Scenes, showcasing the awesome group photo at the beginning of my last What-If Week.


So obviously to make a group image you need to have a group! I imported all the Thunderbolts into my scene, and then posed them accordingly. To pose them, I referenced the original image, (pre-tampering), that I was going to place them over. I tried to make it look as natural as possible-- Songbird and Ghost float, but you can tell where they are standing. Swordsman is in the middle of the image, because that's who I was pretending to be playing as. I tried to make it look as non-set up as possible. I'm not entirely sure I succeeded. I also made one of Swordsman's swords go through part of Radioactive Man, as though the models collided in game.

Here is the final poses without textures. Notice how I set up a subtle light so that Radioactive Man's arm would shine slightly and not look completely flat.

Here is a wireframe of the image. Not much to say here, it's just pretty. :)

Here is an image I rendered from a different, more dramatic angle. It's completely unedited, and as you can see, Swordsman's reflections are added in post. :)
You may use this as a wallpaper, it's big enough.

Here is the final image! Originally, there was a Spiderman standing where Scourge is now, and he was accessing the Prize Wheel, so I carefully placed Scourge so that he would be using the Prize Wheel, and that was my biggest mistake on this image. It's nearly impossible to use the Prize Wheel and face front at the same time in the game! Oh well, it's still an awesome image. :P

Finally, here are Ghost and Scourge's hero icons. :)

And that wraps up this totally awesome month! I hope you've enjoyed this, it was TONS of work. Whatever's coming next, I'm sure it'll be awesome. And, by the way, if you guys at Gazillion want to do the Thunderbolts, go right ahead. I want to see what you guys come up with officially!! :D In fact, that would be really cool, because then I could compare my What-If images to official ones! :D

Man, now that I said that I really want to play as Scourge in the game.
Well, you guys probably have better things to do, like making an Absorbing Man mission, (please)! :)

-- SHSOFan.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas From Rogue

I know it's a little late, but here's a Christmas themed post from me... and Ghost Rider! Who is riding... a sleigh.

Anyway, so I thought I'd buy myself a little present today... :)

There was also a sale today, but I really wanted Avenging Rogue and after weeks and weeks of saving (and a few challenges), I'd finally gotten enough to buy her, so there you are.

So now, my christmas gift to you... an all new review of Avenging Rogue!



Avenging Rogue has only one jump, as I've come to expect from the character as she's displayed in SHSO. However, I was surprised by her flight ability! I forget whether or not the original Rogue has the ability of flight or not, all I know is that this one does, which is a welcome addition.

I give her EXPLORATION a 4/5! :)


From what I could tell with one mission as Rogue, she's going to be fun to max. Throughout her combo, she uses attack from various X-Men, from what I can tell she uses powers from Iceman, Pyro (will HE show up in game?), Jean Grey, and maybe Psylocke, and a few others that I couldn't guess! Her most obvious power steal is from Storm, since her first power emote creates a thundercloud over the target enemies' head.

I give her FIGHTING a 4.4/5!


And the winners of the World's Coolest Couple are... :P
Seriously though, Rogue's awesome new hood is really cool, and I also like the change in color from yellow to white as the secondary color on her outfit. Overall, I probably like this Rogue more then the other one.

I give her COOL FACTOR a 4/5! :D

OVERALL: Rogue rates 4 overall as a hero. While her exploration was fun and easy, I would have liked her jump to be just a bit higher, so that I didn't miss ledges as much while exploring the city. And while I loved all the references in her combo and attacks, I felt like her first power attack and her Hero Up were a little too underpowered. So yeah, go get Avenging Rogue! Despite these small faults, the most important ones will probably sort themselves out as you progress through her levels, and that Hero Up and first power attack get boosted. :)


So anyway, Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and Happy New Year as well! :D
I hope you've enjoyed the holidays, AND the new holiday sale that's going on! :)

Oh, and there's a new poll out now, look for it in the sidebar!

-- SHSOFan.

What-If: Thunderbolts - Week 4

The following post is fictional. None of the new characters or events described actually happened.


Yaaaay! All the heroes are released! I managed to snag a picture by convincing several other players to participate. Pretty awesome, huh? This happened right before I was about to spin the prize wheel to get the gold for Scourge.

Speaking of Scourge... :P

I purchased both Scourge and Ghost, (completing more challenges helped me get both of them).

Now my Thunderbolts collection is complete! :D



Scourge's first power emote!

Scourge is so fun to play as, I managed to get him up to level ten TODAY! It's weird, I kept getting invited to missions and I spent a hundred gold coins on two Hero Up potions, just to level him up. This means I can guarantee that Scourge is a great fighter, but we'll get to that in a moment. For now, I just want to say that his exploration is sub-par, but due to his cool factor, (like so many heroes), I barely noticed.

I give his EXPLORATION a 3.9/5!


Scourge is underpowered, unlike most of the Thunderbolts released this month, but at least he's a sniper, which makes it a lot less boring. His Hero Up is the same as his first power emote, where he blasts the ground, causing a tiny earthquake.

I give his FIGHTING a 4.2/5!


Scourge is pretty cool. I like his mask and his coat, but the detail is kind of hard to see.
I give his COOL FACTOR a 3.7/5!


Yay! It's Ghost! Ghost is one of my favorite heroes in the comics, but how does he compare in the game? Find out below!


Ghost floats while he explores the zones, so that's kind of cool. He's like Sentry. Flight, floats, but no double jump. Oh well. Still, it's cool to glide around the zones. :)

I give his EXPLORATION a 4.1/5!


Ghost can shoot enemies with his electric guns, turn invisible, and my favorite part is that his first power attack lets him hack into robotic enemies and force them to be his allies for a brief period. It's awesome, and I can't wait to see what his other power attacks are!! :D

I give his FIGHTING a 4.7/5!


Ghost is pretty cool, but I would have liked to see a bit of transparency, like in the comics. Also, even though he's skinny, he should be at least 20% thinner. :P

I give his COOL FACTOR a 3.9/5!


Well, that wraps up the Thunderbolts month! I wonder what will come in the future?

-- SHSOFan.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Milestone Was Reached!

That's right, everybody! Even though I may have reached this milestone a while back and just not known it, it seems like a recent boost in views either was the result or cause of me making the FIRST PAGE on Google, when you type in "shso"! " :D

This is an enormous honor, and it also makes this the first blog of mine with a large and dedicated following! So thank you for reading, and helping me achieve this incredible accomplishment. :)

-- SHSOFan.

Postscript: 130th post, guys! Yay! :D

Friday, December 21, 2012

Magneto's Release and a New Dev Post!

Looks like my Playable Villains What-If is coming true! Magneto is apparently now available-- it figures, since he isn't bad ALL the time in the comics. This opens up a whole new world of villains that are sometimes heroes, like Anti-Venom and Future Foundation Doctor Doom, who have both been rumored and/or confirmed.

Once again I find myself unable to review Magneto, because I lack the gold. :(
That will change sometime soon, as I am going through all my heroes and maxxing them. When I finish I'll purchase a membership and then I'll be able to get back on schedule. :)

Check out the new developer post-- this time it's about animating. It's really interesting to me to get a peek at what goes on behind the scenes. :)

-- SHSOFan.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

What If: Thunderbolts - Week 3 Behind the Scenes

Another week, another What-If! So far I've managed to deliver on almost every single item on my "What New Thing Should I Show in My What-Ifs?" poll, except that last one, group shots. But it's coming! So anyway, the big thing this week was the mission screenshot, and I'll be explaining how I made it, a bit about the character rotating image that I show, and a even few words on that website image! :D

There's a lot to talk about, so let's get started!



The first thing I modeled, actually, was the Power Up Barrel. 

It was so important to have an object that would root the image in reality, (or that is, in the game in the real world). I think the barrels really sold that image, so it was really important to put them in there.
Another thing that makes this image look accurate is the texture on the floor. I put a bit more time then I probably should have for that, but it turned out really well. For one thing, most of the missions in SHSO have floor textures, so it would look weird without it, and for another, the grid like tiles help your eye figure out which characters are closer to one another. On the floor you'll also see a skull image. That is actually taken directly from the texture on Crossbones's face. 

the mission image "peeled away"

Some things that I added to the mission HUD which you may or may not have noticed are the two hubs and the mouse indicator. These, I felt, were pretty much essential to selling the image. I'm not really sure why I didn't add them before. Something weird that I also noticed is that, in the actual game, those hubs are just mirrored duplicates of each other! I never would've known.

The airplane on the far left is an example of the detail I add that ultimately never gets noticed. It was a last minute decision to have the mission take place in an aircraft carrier. Don't worry, I'm not an idiot. I know that there is no way an airplane would be able to take off from in that room. I guess the carrier is also a part-time museum. If you're wondering what an aircraft carrier has to do with Crossbones, I honestly don't know. It was so hard to think of a good location for the mission that I gave up! If you have a suggestion for where I SHOULD have placed the mission, tell me in the comments!

Now for...

The Rotating Character Image!
On my blog, (you may already know this), I like to show, with my review, a lovely image of the new hero, rotated to show the entire model so you can see the nice work that SHSO's modelers did.
The last one I did was of Iron Man MK II.

I thought it would be cool to see MY models done this way as well! It's pretty easy to make the image. First I render out around eight angles of the character, and then place them over a Photoshopped image of the game. Its nice and it adds yet another tool to my arsenal of awesome pictures of heroes.

Finally, I'd like to talk about the image of the website that appeared, which I know was one of the things on my poll. One of the things that makes this image special is the font: Tekton Pro. No, I didn't not purchase it, but I developed a sneaky workaround so that I didn't have to pay $15. Who knows how long this'll last, but at least I can save that $15 for in-game gold.

And that's it for this week!
Did you like Penance? Tell me in the comments!
And just so you know, more awesome is coming, not just in my What-Ifs but in the real game as well!
Keep playing. ;)

-- SHSOFan.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What-If: Thunderbolts - Week 3

The following post is fictional. None of the new characters or events described actually happened.


Penance was released today! Along with... wait for it... the Crossbones mission! Yippee!

First of all, I apologize for not being correct in my predictions for this month. My new guess is that Scourge and Ghost will be released next week. Yay! Hope I have enough gold to buy both of them...

Anyway, on to Penance!




Penance actually has a double jump, which surprised me, but was welcome nonetheless. :D
As you would expect, running around the zones with him is pretty fun, especially because of his cool factor and the fact that he's a new hero.

I give his EXPLORATION a 3.5/5!


Today I fought as Penance for the Crossbones mission. He's slightly overpowered, especially for a week three hero, but it sure was fun running around, slinging spikes at skull-faced henchmen!
His Hero Up, where he unleashes all his spikes at once on enemies is really awesome, and is pretty well ranged.

I give his FIGHTING a 4.9/5!


While I could've used a little more detail, the SHSO version is faithful to the comics, and that's good enough for me. I also received many new friend requests while playing as him. I managed to get him to level five, and his second power emote shows his cat, Niels, which is a nice nod to the comics.

I give his COOL FACTOR a 4.1/5! :D



OVERVIEW: The Crossbones mission takes place in an airplane hangar, which I'm not sure what is referencing but is cool anyway. The henchmen are all either male or female Skull-faced baddies. I would've liked more variety, but at least they didn't put the Nameless Ones in THIS mission like they do in so many others. Yeesh. What really shines in this mission, I think, is the boss battle.

Crossbones can call in his henchmen to help you, like many bosses, (i.e. Kingpin, Annihilus), which makes the boss fight trickier. But Crossbones actually has two stages to his fight. In the first stage, he is a sniper, shooting from far away, and you have to dodge him. In the second round, he comes down to fight you in person, which is about as fun as you'd expect.

All-in-all, I give this mission a 7.2/10!
And kudos for placing the mission in a new setting, rather then recycling an old one.

So that's it for this week! Tune in next week to see my reviews of Scourge and maybe Ghost! :D

-- SHSOFan.

Monday, December 17, 2012

A New Loading Screen

Yay! A Christmas-y Loading Screen!
This update is a bit late, both for the post and for the month, but I appreciate that they tried. :P

Next time, do it BEFORE you release the heroes, please! Thank you! :D

-- SHSOFan.