Saturday, December 1, 2012

Avenging Rogue Released

Okay, obviously I don't have enough to buy Avenging Rogue, which is why, once again I cannot give a review. :(

But... I can tell you about the new Challenges that were just added!

I decided I would find out what they meant by turning into an Eye-Bot, so I went to Villainville, where Eye-Bots are plentiful.

At first I couldn't tell what to do, and I wandered all over the zone for a while. But after some time had passed, I slapped my forehead because the answer was really obvious...

D'Oh! Now that I knew where to go, it was time to go there.

It's awesome that these guys made a new room for the zone! :D
After pressing a button on the control panel, my hero walked into an elevator of sorts.

I popped out a few seconds later as an Eye-Bot! Awesome! Actually, more accurately, I believe the "Control Room" lets your hero control an Eye Bot, they don't actually become one, but maybe that's nitpicking the details. It was fun to wander around as an Eye-Bot. One thing to note about this challenge is that they don't let you go back to being a hero for a while-- I would say about two minutes.
That's what makes this challenge a bit tricky, but compared to some of the other time consuming ones, it's a walk in the park!

And that's all for today, unfortunately. However, on December 3rd I will be releasing the first teaser for my Thunderbolts What-If! And, don't forget that the actual What-If post will be published on the 5th, quickly followed by the Behind the Scenes for that What-If on the 6th!

See my previous post for a calendar with the full schedule.

-- SHSOFan.