Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What-If: Thunderbolts - Week 4

The following post is fictional. None of the new characters or events described actually happened.


Yaaaay! All the heroes are released! I managed to snag a picture by convincing several other players to participate. Pretty awesome, huh? This happened right before I was about to spin the prize wheel to get the gold for Scourge.

Speaking of Scourge... :P

I purchased both Scourge and Ghost, (completing more challenges helped me get both of them).

Now my Thunderbolts collection is complete! :D



Scourge's first power emote!

Scourge is so fun to play as, I managed to get him up to level ten TODAY! It's weird, I kept getting invited to missions and I spent a hundred gold coins on two Hero Up potions, just to level him up. This means I can guarantee that Scourge is a great fighter, but we'll get to that in a moment. For now, I just want to say that his exploration is sub-par, but due to his cool factor, (like so many heroes), I barely noticed.

I give his EXPLORATION a 3.9/5!


Scourge is underpowered, unlike most of the Thunderbolts released this month, but at least he's a sniper, which makes it a lot less boring. His Hero Up is the same as his first power emote, where he blasts the ground, causing a tiny earthquake.

I give his FIGHTING a 4.2/5!


Scourge is pretty cool. I like his mask and his coat, but the detail is kind of hard to see.
I give his COOL FACTOR a 3.7/5!


Yay! It's Ghost! Ghost is one of my favorite heroes in the comics, but how does he compare in the game? Find out below!


Ghost floats while he explores the zones, so that's kind of cool. He's like Sentry. Flight, floats, but no double jump. Oh well. Still, it's cool to glide around the zones. :)

I give his EXPLORATION a 4.1/5!


Ghost can shoot enemies with his electric guns, turn invisible, and my favorite part is that his first power attack lets him hack into robotic enemies and force them to be his allies for a brief period. It's awesome, and I can't wait to see what his other power attacks are!! :D

I give his FIGHTING a 4.7/5!


Ghost is pretty cool, but I would have liked to see a bit of transparency, like in the comics. Also, even though he's skinny, he should be at least 20% thinner. :P

I give his COOL FACTOR a 3.9/5!


Well, that wraps up the Thunderbolts month! I wonder what will come in the future?

-- SHSOFan.