Wednesday, December 12, 2012

What If: Thunderbolts - Week 2

The following post is fictional. None of the new characters or events described actually happened.


So today Radioactive Man and Moonstone came out! So it's time to redo my predictions.

So I rescheduled the calendar a bit in light of this new information...
I think Scourge may be coming with the Crossbones mission, and Ghost and Penance are coming later. It's either that or Ghost and the Crossbones mission, with Scourge and Penance coming later, OR it's Penance with the Crossbones mission, and Scourge and Ghost last. But I'll have to wait to see if this prediction comes true. I know my last prediction didn't. :P


So, yeah! Radioactive Man! I'm glad I was able to get him, with yet another gold card. *sigh*

Radioactive Man-- I'll just call him "RM" for now-- Is pretty fun to walk around as, seeing as he is the only non-Hulk character I've seen so far that has the Hulk jump! It's pretty cool, and it makes exploring the Daily Bugle zone more fun then usual. I also played through a mission with him, and he's a bit underpowered for my tastes, but he's definitely worth getting just for the cool hood and his exploration, which is really good.

OVERALL: I give RM a 7/10! :D



Yes, I bought Moonstone, but I didn't have too much time to play as her, and only got through half a mission, so just a little warning that I might be slightly under informed. Moonstone has a boring standard locomotion system, so nothing too special there. But what I saw of her fighting is enough to make her worth the 600 gold. Also, she's essential to completing your Thunderbolts collection.
What really shines through in the missions, though, is her Hero Up, which is a short but powerful blast. You'd think you'd want a ranged attack, but with Moonstone, this Hero Up is actually better. The blast knocks over enemies and gets wider as it travels, so it's good for getting enemies ahead of you. :)

OVERALL: Moonstone shines in the missions, but her exploration is slightly lacking.
I give Moonstone a 8.5/10!
Now go add her to your squad!


Well, that wraps up week two of the Thunderbolts releases! Do you think I am right in my prediction for next week, or do you think I'm out of my mind? Whatever you think, leave a comment below!

-- SHSOFan.