Friday, May 31, 2013

Rescue and The Hunt for the Watcher

Well a few days ago Rescue was released! I wish I could afford her, (I have almost every Iron Man in the game, except the new Iron Patriot and Arctic Armor).

So, anyway, today I logged in the game for the first time in two weeks. I got the cheapest sidekick gold can buy: a trouble-bot. Oh well, at least it increases squad level.

I also maxed Hawkeye, so now I'm on to maxing Hope Summers.


In my comments section there's been a conversation about The Watcher, an alien who watches over everything and possesses an enormous amount of knowledge. In comments section, user "708f448a-c974-11e2-af91-000bcdcb5194", (and you KNOW I copied and pasted that!), said that the Watcher is in the Baxter Plaza Zone and you can give fractals to him to get Spiderman Noir. Said fractals apparently can be found in missions, zones, on the wheel and in the store. James Shield in the comments said that when you play as Green Goblin, the Watcher Mayehm Mode mission takes the place of the Green Goblin one, and said that proof was in the Green Goblin Vignette video.

Well, half right and half wrong.

That's the Watcher from the video. He's standing in Annihilus's place, in Baxter Plaza. However, when I traveled there today, I did not see the Watcher. I also didn't see fractals available for purchase in the store, see them in the zones, get them as a prize on the wheel, or as a prize in a mission. :(

So, basically that means I didn't see anything, but maybe that's because I wasn't playing as one of the Mystery Box villains, or because I'm not a member.

Who knows? But if you're a member or are playing as a Mystery Box villain, or both, tell me if you can see the Watcher in Baxter Plaza or any fractals.

If not I hope they release the Watcher soon, because I REALLY want to play as Spiderman Noir!!

-- SHSOFan.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


I was away for a few days, and when I came back I found this! Sidekicks are here in Super Hero City!

I think it's awesome that you can have a crushbot and Bunnisher follow you around. I wonder whether they also work in the missions, or it's just a zone-only type thing. It'd be awesome if they actually had your sidekick fight beside you in a mission, though I guess they'd be kind of hard to do with the dog and cat sidekicks. :P

Anyway, there's also a sale for all "patriotic" heroes, that means Captain America and a few repaints of his, specifically Avengers Captain America (get him if you don't have him already), American Dream, (get her too! She's fast and her attacks are awesome), Captain America and Commander Captain America, (I know that's wrong, I just can't think of his name at the moment).

There's never been a better time to buy Avengers Cap or American Dream, and they're both really good fighters. I've only played on the Bucky Barnes Captain America, so I don't know if the original Captain America is the same or not. I do, however, have Commander Captain America, and he's pretty good as well, though not my favorite to fight as.

To wrap up, I'm really glad they're still coming up with new features for this game even so late after it's debut! When I was playing Toontown, they constantly would hold back on content, to the point where even a new hat in the shop was an exciting new change.

So, what do you guys think about sidekicks? And does anybody remember Commander Captain Steve Rogers America's real name?! Tell me in the comments!

-- SHSOFan.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Angel - Hero Review

So I finally got Angel! I've been wanting Angel for a while, ever since I knew that his second power attack heals teammates! How useful for group missions!

Anyway, let's jump right into this review.



Angel has some cool detailing like the halo symbol on his chest and the wing feathers. It's simple and directly echoes the comics, but there's not a whole lot of detail.

I give Angel's detailing a 5/10!


From now on in my reviews I'm only going to mention exploration if it surprises me somehow, and Angel certainly surprised me with his wing-aided double jump! Pretty cool!


The voice seems to fit Angel well and I think it sounds like Antony Del Rio but I haven't been able to find confirmation of this.

I give Angel's voicing a 8.5/10!


Angel fights with a series of sweeping aerial punches and is a little all over the place, but I appreciate the different fighting style. I haven't yet unlocked his healing power attack but I know that once you get it it's pretty useful.

I give Angel's fighting a 7.1/10!


While Angel isn't the coolest hero on the block, his abilities of flight are pretty awesome and in the comics he later turns into a great X-Men anti-hero, Archangel.


I give Angel's cool factor a 4.9/10!


Overall, Angel is a good hero to have, especially since he has a healing ability. And the best thing is, he's only 300 gold right now in the shop, and come to think of it, they put poor Gambit at only 150 gold! Why don't they just improve his damage and attack speed instead? Ahem, anyway, if you have a few extra gold pieces, pick up Angel!

I give Angel an overall score of 6.3! :D


Anyway, so I decided to get "just one" Green Goblin mystery box to see if I'd get him. I didn't, of course. And now I have a great new Bag goodie!

Really spiffy.
But then I couldn't stop myself and got another one, and yet again I did not get Green Goblin.
This helped me learn an important lesson:


Sigh. Anyway, there are a few other things worth mentioning.

First of all, you can get a free void potion by entering the code "VOIDPTN".

It's pretty cool. But I'm sure it'll be available in the store soon.

Anyway, I'm not sure when my next What-If will be out, but I haven't started working on it yet so probably not too soon. That may change anytime, though.

-- SHSOFan.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man Mark 42 - Hero Review

I got Iron Man Mark 42 today, and here's what I thought!


Iron Man MK42 has some good detailing, but the textures seem a little low resolution in places, where the lines on his body look pixelated. His whole suit seems more painted on then physical geometry.

I give Iron Man MK42's detailing a 6.4/10!


Iron Man MK42's attacks are quick, but not very powerful. They are also very sparse, with no more then four or five actions in his combo. However, his combo is also pretty powerful, starting at 9 damage and ending at around 50. His power up, where he sends missiles at an enemy, is weak but fast.

I give Iron Man MK42's fighting a 6.5/10!


Seeing as it's a repaint of an awesome looking hero, it's got to be cool, right?

Yes, it does have more detail. But the chrome finish might be off-putting to some.

I give Iron Man MK42's cool factor a 6.5 out of 10 for not significantly changing the Avengers Iron Man design.


This is a repaint of Avengers Iron Man, but instead of giving us a fresh take on the attacks and design, we get a watered down version of Avengers Iron Man. Would it have killed them to animate a few awesome attacks using the armor's flying off the wearer ability? So go buy Avengers Iron Man instead, or pick up Ends of the Earth Spiderman, a good repaint that's new enough to get you some friend requests.
Or you could be wise and wait for a better hero to come along, like the new Iron Patriot or Rescue.

Get EOTE Spiderman instead!
Overall, I give Iron Man Mark 42 a 6.4 rating based on the average of his ratings in each category.


Well, all I can say is, he's "okay" but EOTE Spiderman is "awesome"! Be sure to get him, I can't say enough how cool he is.

Stay tuned for more reviews, news, reports and What-ifs!
-- SHSOFan.

Month of Iron Man

Well it looks like the month of Iron Man is here! We've got Rescue, IM3 Iron Patriot and Mark 42, it's awesome and... hey, wait a minute! What happened to Spiderman Noir?!?! Did they have a one day special sale?! Sigh.

Anyway, Iron Man Mark 42 was released and I got him, but I'm a bit busy so I don't know when my review will be up. It's a shame about Spiderman Noir though. I hope they figure out a way to release him somehow. And that Mysterio mission. I'm looking forward to Rescue, but all I have is 600 gold so if they make her 900 I won't be able to get her. :(

Sure is a crying shame about these raised prices, I remember when heroes used to be reasonable amounts of gold...

Anyway, look for more stuff coming your way shortly!
By the way, did anybody in the comments section see Iron Man 3? Did you enjoy it?
I saw it and I thought it was pretty good. :)

-- SHSOFan.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Level Cap Badges

Well, it looks like my predictions are already wrong because Green Goblin's Mystery Box was released today and so were these new Level Cap Badges! Though they're only 200 silver, they're also only for members, which I actually approve of, since recently they've been forcing members to buy Agents-Only heroes for 900 gold. (yikes!)

I wonder what other predictions I'll get wrong?
Oh well. Anyway, I hear these badges may be made available for free members eventually, and I for one can't wait.

-- SHSOFan.

Green Goblin Announced!

Looks like we'll be getting to play as Green Goblin! Can't wait to fly around on his awesome glider! The fact that it's included in his image definitely indicates we'll be flying around on it.

So I guess this means we'll definitely be getting to play as Annihilus and Avengers Loki! Sweet!
Now what's up with that Spiderman in the corner?! Is he the Spiderman in the game right now? If so, why'd they put him there? Does this mean they'll be getting rid of the original Spiderman from the store? Or is he... *shudder* ...Ben Reily 2?! D:

Here's my predictions for May!
Note: These are my predictions for how they will release heroes and villains, and may not be totally accurate, considering that they could just as easily release all the villains next and save the rest of the heroes for last. The predictions in blue are he ones that I think they will be more likely to choose.
Also, they could release all these guys on Wednesdays or Fridays but I'm picking Thursday because it's in between.

Well, that's about it!
And let's hope that that isn't Ben Reily 2.

-- SHSOFan.