Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Iron Man Mark 42 - Hero Review

I got Iron Man Mark 42 today, and here's what I thought!


Iron Man MK42 has some good detailing, but the textures seem a little low resolution in places, where the lines on his body look pixelated. His whole suit seems more painted on then physical geometry.

I give Iron Man MK42's detailing a 6.4/10!


Iron Man MK42's attacks are quick, but not very powerful. They are also very sparse, with no more then four or five actions in his combo. However, his combo is also pretty powerful, starting at 9 damage and ending at around 50. His power up, where he sends missiles at an enemy, is weak but fast.

I give Iron Man MK42's fighting a 6.5/10!


Seeing as it's a repaint of an awesome looking hero, it's got to be cool, right?

Yes, it does have more detail. But the chrome finish might be off-putting to some.

I give Iron Man MK42's cool factor a 6.5 out of 10 for not significantly changing the Avengers Iron Man design.


This is a repaint of Avengers Iron Man, but instead of giving us a fresh take on the attacks and design, we get a watered down version of Avengers Iron Man. Would it have killed them to animate a few awesome attacks using the armor's flying off the wearer ability? So go buy Avengers Iron Man instead, or pick up Ends of the Earth Spiderman, a good repaint that's new enough to get you some friend requests.
Or you could be wise and wait for a better hero to come along, like the new Iron Patriot or Rescue.

Get EOTE Spiderman instead!
Overall, I give Iron Man Mark 42 a 6.4 rating based on the average of his ratings in each category.


Well, all I can say is, he's "okay" but EOTE Spiderman is "awesome"! Be sure to get him, I can't say enough how cool he is.

Stay tuned for more reviews, news, reports and What-ifs!
-- SHSOFan.