Thursday, May 2, 2013

Green Goblin Announced!

Looks like we'll be getting to play as Green Goblin! Can't wait to fly around on his awesome glider! The fact that it's included in his image definitely indicates we'll be flying around on it.

So I guess this means we'll definitely be getting to play as Annihilus and Avengers Loki! Sweet!
Now what's up with that Spiderman in the corner?! Is he the Spiderman in the game right now? If so, why'd they put him there? Does this mean they'll be getting rid of the original Spiderman from the store? Or is he... *shudder* ...Ben Reily 2?! D:

Here's my predictions for May!
Note: These are my predictions for how they will release heroes and villains, and may not be totally accurate, considering that they could just as easily release all the villains next and save the rest of the heroes for last. The predictions in blue are he ones that I think they will be more likely to choose.
Also, they could release all these guys on Wednesdays or Fridays but I'm picking Thursday because it's in between.

Well, that's about it!
And let's hope that that isn't Ben Reily 2.

-- SHSOFan.