Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Month of Iron Man

Well it looks like the month of Iron Man is here! We've got Rescue, IM3 Iron Patriot and Mark 42, it's awesome and... hey, wait a minute! What happened to Spiderman Noir?!?! Did they have a one day special sale?! Sigh.

Anyway, Iron Man Mark 42 was released and I got him, but I'm a bit busy so I don't know when my review will be up. It's a shame about Spiderman Noir though. I hope they figure out a way to release him somehow. And that Mysterio mission. I'm looking forward to Rescue, but all I have is 600 gold so if they make her 900 I won't be able to get her. :(

Sure is a crying shame about these raised prices, I remember when heroes used to be reasonable amounts of gold...

Anyway, look for more stuff coming your way shortly!
By the way, did anybody in the comments section see Iron Man 3? Did you enjoy it?
I saw it and I thought it was pretty good. :)

-- SHSOFan.