Thursday, April 25, 2013

M.O.D.O.K. Available as a Challenge "Hero"

An update to the game on Wednesday added over twenty new challenges, which mostly have to do with defeating Mayhem Mode villains. Me, I'm not even past that Wolverine challenge, but now I'll be working harder than ever to get past it to get M.O.D.O.K. !

There's also two new potions and... hey, look, ole werewolf of the night is back again... what did I tell you? The new potions let you max your hero faster, but personally I think the free way is still better. I mean, isn't the point to play through all the levels?

What do you think? Post in the comments section!

-- SHSOFan.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Ends of the Earth Spiderman: Hero Review

Welcome to the first thorough and complete hero review! Most of my reviews so far has been pretty casual as far as how in-depth I went to review the heroes. However, lately I've been away from the game a little, and while I was I decided it was time for a proper hero review.
I purchased the $20 gold package, (see post below for details), and purchased Ends of The Earth Spiderman! 

I ran through the Green Goblin boss fight, the Venom boss fight, and the Lizard mission, (all Spiderman enemies, hee hee), to gather information about his "FIGHTING".

Anyway, here's the review!



There are tiny rivets on his arms, rings of black on his fingers, and tiny "ribs" on the sides of his chest. EOTE Spiderman has some of the best detailing I've seen in the game, aside of course from Avengers Ironman.

I give EOTE Spiderman's detailing a 9/10!


EOTE Spiderman does not have standard exploration by any means. He can jump normally, swing through the air on a spider silk thread, crawl up walls, or use his jetpack!

Look! Up in the sky! It's Spiderman! It's Ironman!
No! It's Ends of the Earth Spiderman!

EOTE Spiderman's walk/turn/jump/swing animations are all smooth and fluid, without any awkwardness, and the transitions between them are subtle and feel right.

I give EOTE Spiderman's exploration a 10/10!


EOTE Spiderman has a great combo chain. It's fast and it isn't overpowered. His Hero Up, which coincidentally has a great reference to the comics where he shoots balls of webbing, is similarly fast.
His first power up damages and freezes enemies for around five seconds, giving you time to take care of big bosses or more dangerous henchmen, tactical-wise.

I tried to count the damage points deducted from enemies in his combo chain and I believe it's 4-6-14-21-39. Like I said, not overpowered, but fast enough that it makes up for it's lack of power. I was able to get adamantium on the Venom boss battle, and I NEVER get adamantium on the Venom boss battle.

I give EOTE Spiderman's fighting a 8.2/10!


Like a boss.

What more could you ask then for a Spiderman repaint by the way of Tony Stark that also happens to tie in to a comic storyline?

What more is there to say?

I give EOTE Spiderman's cool factor a 9/10!


Overall, EOTE Spiderman is the way repaints should be done. Don't just change up the colors and slap a new name on it! Here's to more quality repaints in the future!
My only complaint is that he wasn't released alongside Iron Spider, who I originally confused him with.

I give EOTE Spiderman a 9/10 overall!


Well, that about wraps it up for my Ends of the Earth Spiderman review!
Keep a look out for my new Playable Villains What-If Bonus and another What-If coming your way.
This time, I'm going to focus on quality over quantity and get this next What-If looking great, with only a few characters and only two posts, rather then the eight posts I've been doing recently.

Until next time!
-- SHSOFan.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Join S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Well, with a tied poll, it looks like its up to me to decide between purchasing gold or becoming a member. And I have reached a decision.

I will be purchasing gold to get Ends of the Earth Spiderman and, (if possible) Spiderman Noir. My reasons are thus:

• I haven't maxed out all my current heroes yet, and that was one of the things I wanted to do before I became a member.

• My computer doesn't let me play on SHSO anymore because it's so slow, meaning I have to play the game on someone else's laptop. This is more complicated, but it's the only way for me to play the game until I get a new computer. So it makes more sense to purchase gold because I won't be able to take full advantage of the rewards of being a member, such as collecting my daily dosage of gold by logging in and spinning the wheel.

It's mostly these two reasons. Now it's just up to deciding how to purchase the gold I need.
SHSO offers many different packages, and last time what I did I purchased a ten dollar one and a twenty dollar one, giving me around 3,500 gold and I spent 30 dollars.

Well, that's my advice. Never go with the pricey $50, $90 and $150 ones, (and let's be honest; those are their REAL prices. $149.95 is pretty much $150).

If you want a lot of gold, become a member. There are excellent reasons why and I explain it all in one of my first posts, How I Earned Gold which you can see here, (It's at the end of the post. But read through the whole thing if you haven't, because what I say still applies)!

Anyway, I think I'll get the $20 gold package which will give me enough to buy the two Spider-Man repaints I want and that should be fine. When I get a new computer I promise to finally give in and become a member again, but until I do I don't think it would be the right choice.

By the way, at first I thought Ends of the Earth Spiderman was the final version of Iron Spider. But he isn't, which means they still need to release Iron Spider!

And where is that Mysterio mission?!?!
Grumble, grumble...

-- SHSOFan.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ends of the Earth Spiderman Released

Now, normally here's where I'd say, "Sorry but I can't review this guy for you because I'm not a member."

Well, I'm afraid this time's no different. BUT! All hope is not lost! Just because this month looks to be full of awesome releases, I'm letting you decide: Should I finally give in and go back to being a member, or buy gold, or do neither?

Member benefits:
You'd get some more reviews from me about new releases!
I'd finally get to review Avengers Hawkeye and Avengers Nick Fury, completing my avengers hero review set.
I'd stop being in the dark about whether or not members get full rewards still. (i.e. not so limited Prize Wheel rewards).

Gold buying benefits:
More expensive then becoming a member and you get less then if you were a member but even so, it's still faster then spinning the prize wheel and logging in every day.
I'd get to buy a lot of heroes that I didn't have the gold to review before.

Non-member benefits:
All the silver I get can be saved for that awesome just released Agents-Only hero!
I can max out all my current heroes without getting too many new ones.

Vote on the poll to tell me which choice you think I should make!
Like the contestants on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" know: If you're facing a hard choice, poll the audience!

-- SHSOFan.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Month of the Mutants Has Arrived!


First of all, I'm pretty excited. I know this may be old news for many of you, but I only just got into the game today and saw this truly awesome loading screen for the first time!
Look at it! Wow! I may have to become a member just to get Spider-Man Noir! (Or purchase gold).
This raises the quenstion: who is going to be Agents-Only on this loading screen? I'm betting for Noir, (I really hope not, though, because I'd like to stay a non-member and get him by buying gold).

In the meantime, I'll be eagerly awaiting Iron Spider and Spiderman Noir, and I may actually get them when they first come out just because they are so awesome!

By the way, my poll has been completed, thanks for voting! Playable Villains will be getting a much needed update!

-- SHSOFan.

Postscript: I made a small error in my post yesterday that has hence been fixed. I said the Venom Mystery Box was 600 gold when it was actually 200 gold. I was relying on information I had found on SHSO's Facebook page because I could not get into the game at the time.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone!
Thanks to Wanda Quan in the comments section for pointing that out to me. If you see any other errors be sure to tell me so I can fix them as soon as possible, in the comments section below.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spiderman Month Incoming!

Ends Of The Earth Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir are rumored for future weeks... as well as Iron Spider, (at last)! If this was a perfect month then we'd also get the Mysterio mission!

Anyway, from what I hear, do NOT purchase the Venom Mystery Box. The odds that you will get Venom in the box first, second or even third try are extremely slim. However, if you tough it out a few months or so I'll bet that they release Venom as a Agents-Only hero around then. Speaking of predictions, I correctly predicted Doc Doom's return, so get him now! If you're the patient type, don't, because it's pretty obvious he'll be coming back again. If you want to risk it all or just have 9000 gold to burn, it costs around 200 gold a box, so I hear.

By the way, a short note about images. Previously, I have had images go missing because I linked to them through url, meaning that when they changed location or were deleted, the image in the post went missing or was deleted as well. To prevent this, I will now be uploading all of my images from my own computer, by dragging any images I find on the web onto my desktop and uploading it. If you own an image I use and want it removed from my post for whatever reason, contact me in the comment section below and I'll remove it.

-- SHSOFan.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

What's In The Box?

Apparently, a random item appears in the mystery box when you purchase it! I'll be investigating further when I get in the game again. I have a few questions, like, "Why is this box Venom-themed"?

More news in the future!

-- SHSOFan.

Monday, April 1, 2013

To Clear Up Any Confusion

Just to clear it up officially, "GardenSpider", who replies to your comments in the comments section, is me. I don't have a separate account for SHSOFan yet, but if the confusion continues I can probably rig something up. Anyway, just confirming it. :)

-- SHSOFan.