Monday, April 22, 2013

Ends of the Earth Spiderman: Hero Review

Welcome to the first thorough and complete hero review! Most of my reviews so far has been pretty casual as far as how in-depth I went to review the heroes. However, lately I've been away from the game a little, and while I was I decided it was time for a proper hero review.
I purchased the $20 gold package, (see post below for details), and purchased Ends of The Earth Spiderman! 

I ran through the Green Goblin boss fight, the Venom boss fight, and the Lizard mission, (all Spiderman enemies, hee hee), to gather information about his "FIGHTING".

Anyway, here's the review!



There are tiny rivets on his arms, rings of black on his fingers, and tiny "ribs" on the sides of his chest. EOTE Spiderman has some of the best detailing I've seen in the game, aside of course from Avengers Ironman.

I give EOTE Spiderman's detailing a 9/10!


EOTE Spiderman does not have standard exploration by any means. He can jump normally, swing through the air on a spider silk thread, crawl up walls, or use his jetpack!

Look! Up in the sky! It's Spiderman! It's Ironman!
No! It's Ends of the Earth Spiderman!

EOTE Spiderman's walk/turn/jump/swing animations are all smooth and fluid, without any awkwardness, and the transitions between them are subtle and feel right.

I give EOTE Spiderman's exploration a 10/10!


EOTE Spiderman has a great combo chain. It's fast and it isn't overpowered. His Hero Up, which coincidentally has a great reference to the comics where he shoots balls of webbing, is similarly fast.
His first power up damages and freezes enemies for around five seconds, giving you time to take care of big bosses or more dangerous henchmen, tactical-wise.

I tried to count the damage points deducted from enemies in his combo chain and I believe it's 4-6-14-21-39. Like I said, not overpowered, but fast enough that it makes up for it's lack of power. I was able to get adamantium on the Venom boss battle, and I NEVER get adamantium on the Venom boss battle.

I give EOTE Spiderman's fighting a 8.2/10!


Like a boss.

What more could you ask then for a Spiderman repaint by the way of Tony Stark that also happens to tie in to a comic storyline?

What more is there to say?

I give EOTE Spiderman's cool factor a 9/10!


Overall, EOTE Spiderman is the way repaints should be done. Don't just change up the colors and slap a new name on it! Here's to more quality repaints in the future!
My only complaint is that he wasn't released alongside Iron Spider, who I originally confused him with.

I give EOTE Spiderman a 9/10 overall!


Well, that about wraps it up for my Ends of the Earth Spiderman review!
Keep a look out for my new Playable Villains What-If Bonus and another What-If coming your way.
This time, I'm going to focus on quality over quantity and get this next What-If looking great, with only a few characters and only two posts, rather then the eight posts I've been doing recently.

Until next time!
-- SHSOFan.