Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spiderman Month Incoming!

Ends Of The Earth Spider-Man and Spider-Man Noir are rumored for future weeks... as well as Iron Spider, (at last)! If this was a perfect month then we'd also get the Mysterio mission!

Anyway, from what I hear, do NOT purchase the Venom Mystery Box. The odds that you will get Venom in the box first, second or even third try are extremely slim. However, if you tough it out a few months or so I'll bet that they release Venom as a Agents-Only hero around then. Speaking of predictions, I correctly predicted Doc Doom's return, so get him now! If you're the patient type, don't, because it's pretty obvious he'll be coming back again. If you want to risk it all or just have 9000 gold to burn, it costs around 200 gold a box, so I hear.

By the way, a short note about images. Previously, I have had images go missing because I linked to them through url, meaning that when they changed location or were deleted, the image in the post went missing or was deleted as well. To prevent this, I will now be uploading all of my images from my own computer, by dragging any images I find on the web onto my desktop and uploading it. If you own an image I use and want it removed from my post for whatever reason, contact me in the comment section below and I'll remove it.

-- SHSOFan.