Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ends of the Earth Spiderman Released

Now, normally here's where I'd say, "Sorry but I can't review this guy for you because I'm not a member."

Well, I'm afraid this time's no different. BUT! All hope is not lost! Just because this month looks to be full of awesome releases, I'm letting you decide: Should I finally give in and go back to being a member, or buy gold, or do neither?

Member benefits:
You'd get some more reviews from me about new releases!
I'd finally get to review Avengers Hawkeye and Avengers Nick Fury, completing my avengers hero review set.
I'd stop being in the dark about whether or not members get full rewards still. (i.e. not so limited Prize Wheel rewards).

Gold buying benefits:
More expensive then becoming a member and you get less then if you were a member but even so, it's still faster then spinning the prize wheel and logging in every day.
I'd get to buy a lot of heroes that I didn't have the gold to review before.

Non-member benefits:
All the silver I get can be saved for that awesome just released Agents-Only hero!
I can max out all my current heroes without getting too many new ones.

Vote on the poll to tell me which choice you think I should make!
Like the contestants on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" know: If you're facing a hard choice, poll the audience!

-- SHSOFan.