Saturday, March 24, 2012

How I Earned Gold

Even though I'm a member of this game now, I used to be a non-member. During this time I developed a strategy to collect as much gold as possible, and I thought I'd share some tips with you.

Tip 1: Log On Every Day
Logging on every day means that you get the Daily Reward of five gold. Because whenever you log on, one silver slot will turn to gold, you will get AT LEAST ten gold a day. (You'll get more because silver slots are 2x as much as gold slots, meaning a forty silver slot will change to a twenty gold slot, and a twenty silver slot will change to a ten gold slot, and a ten silver slot will change to a five gold slot).
With seven days in a week, that's 70 gold a week! Not too shabby, and that's not counting all the other slots that might turn over.

Tip 2: DON'T Spin the Wheel Until the Wheel is Nothing But Gold
Why? Think about it. If only one gold slot is on the wheel, you will use up at most two hundred tickets trying to get it! However, if you let all the slots turn to gold and then spend your tickets in a one day frenzy, making sure to leave no gold slot unturned, then your chance of wasting tickets goes down.
This is a common mistake people make when they begin the game.

Tip 3: Set Goals
I know, I know. That's exactly what every financial book ever made says. Does that mean it isn't important? No. Here's why. If you set a goal for, say, Nightcrawler at 600 gold, you will know exactly what you want to buy when you have enough gold to buy it. As a member, I'm constantly making choices about what to buy, because I get 600 gold every four days. That means I sometimes THINK I want to buy a hero, and then another, cooler hero comes along and... oops, out of gold. Here are some good math formulas for you, (don't worry, they aren't complicated). x divided by 70 = the number of weeks it will take to get the hero! X = the amount of gold the hero is. If you wanted Nightcrawler, it will take roughly 8.5 weeks to get him!

Tip 4: Make a List
Another good thing to do is make a big list of all the heroes you want to get. Make sure to include the amount of gold they cost, and then add all their prices together and divide by 70 to see how many weeks it will take you.

I know this sounds frustratingly dull, but remember! Every once in a while they release a few challenges, which occasionally give out gold. Unfortunately to continue the challenges, you will need to level your squad, and with more really simple math we can figure out how many heroes it would take to get one hundred points. (About nine, not counting marvel lore points). Also, it's probably best to ignore how much silver you get, that way you won't spend as much. Be sure not to spend it on HQ items or rooms, a more worthy thing to get is silver missions, (you'll get bored doing the same missions over and over). Another thing you shouldn't do is spend any gold on missions, because most missions are changed to silver about five months after release. I recommend the Annihilation mission, because it's probably the easiest, (more adamantium medals)! The other easy missions are Hit the Bullseye, Bombs Away, Easy Riders and the long, but pretty easy Abomination Obliteration.

HOWEVER, if you give up and decide to buy gold, consider this. For the same amount as a one month membership, you can only buy 1025 gold. However, I figured out that if you get the one month membership, you will earn over 5260 gold. That, plus the added bonus of getting the Member heroes. What I've been doing is buying heroes and only leveling them a little, and maxxing all my Member only heroes, which means I'll have awesome heroes to level when I'm a member so that I can bide my time easier! Also, don't forget to not spend any gold during the last eight days of your membership, which will leave more then enough for you to get two 600 gold heroes later, as a non-member.

Thank you for reading this long piece of text! I'm sorry if you knew this stuff already, and if you didn't, I have one final piece of advice: Wait for sales before buying any heroes to get maximum benefit! That's how I got Spidergirl at only 540 gold!

-- SHSOFan.