Friday, March 23, 2012

Awesome Sneak Peeks

I've spotted some truly awesome sneak peeks over the internet about upcoming heroes!

The first:

If you look in the wallpapers section of the official SHSO site, you can spot a strange looking purple guy in the crowd. I think it might be a costume that Iron Man's enemy Ivan Vanko wore. More on that in a second. By the way, the flames are NOT part of Whiplash's head, they come from Super Skrull, who is standing in the background.

This image from Wikipedia confirms that that is definitely Whiplash:

I hope he'll look just as cool as he does in this image! :D

The second:

The official Facebook page of SHSO has an awesome, incredible, amazing, wonderful POSTER THAT SHOWS THE NEW AVENGERS IRONMAN!

While many of you have probably already seen this I thought I'd spread the word.
Unfortunately, they took down the leaked photo of Avengers Thor, otherwise I'd share that with you, HOWEVER...

The third:

Monkey King!

The Lizard!


These are also really easy to find so sorry if you've seen them before. :)

Anyway, unfortunately that's all I have to show today. Maybe there'll be something tomorrow!

-- SHSOFan.