Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Mission Review!

Today is Sunday, and it's time for my weekly mission review! Every week I plan to write about tips on the boss fights, things to watch out for, and, of course, the overall difficulty rating.

Today I'll be reviewing... Abomination Obliteration!

Things to Watch Out For: On Stage 2 there's an area that's partially submerged. Four Hydra agents will drop down behind you and trap you. I've died there several times because I found I was trapped and realized too late that there were enemies behind me. Don't make this mistake, and immediately turn around.

Boss Tips:

Abomination is an easy boss because of his Charge attack, which stuns him and is easy to dodge. Follow closely after him. If you haven't already, throw the rubber ducks at him while he's stunned from a distance. If you are attacking him, unless you're on a ranged hero like Jean Grey or Iron Man, run away quickly before his other attacks knock you out.

Difficulty Rating: 4.5/10

Summery: This mission may look hard at first, but once you know you're way around the boss fight, it gets easy. This mission is a bit long for me, I'd probably choose a Green Goblin mission or Annihilus just because they go by so fast. If you smash through the stages quickly on a nice, quick hero like Daredevil, Classic Daredevil, Captain America Super Solider or Hulk, you'll probably get Adamantium.

Next Week: Doc Ock!