Friday, May 31, 2013

Rescue and The Hunt for the Watcher

Well a few days ago Rescue was released! I wish I could afford her, (I have almost every Iron Man in the game, except the new Iron Patriot and Arctic Armor).

So, anyway, today I logged in the game for the first time in two weeks. I got the cheapest sidekick gold can buy: a trouble-bot. Oh well, at least it increases squad level.

I also maxed Hawkeye, so now I'm on to maxing Hope Summers.


In my comments section there's been a conversation about The Watcher, an alien who watches over everything and possesses an enormous amount of knowledge. In comments section, user "708f448a-c974-11e2-af91-000bcdcb5194", (and you KNOW I copied and pasted that!), said that the Watcher is in the Baxter Plaza Zone and you can give fractals to him to get Spiderman Noir. Said fractals apparently can be found in missions, zones, on the wheel and in the store. James Shield in the comments said that when you play as Green Goblin, the Watcher Mayehm Mode mission takes the place of the Green Goblin one, and said that proof was in the Green Goblin Vignette video.

Well, half right and half wrong.

That's the Watcher from the video. He's standing in Annihilus's place, in Baxter Plaza. However, when I traveled there today, I did not see the Watcher. I also didn't see fractals available for purchase in the store, see them in the zones, get them as a prize on the wheel, or as a prize in a mission. :(

So, basically that means I didn't see anything, but maybe that's because I wasn't playing as one of the Mystery Box villains, or because I'm not a member.

Who knows? But if you're a member or are playing as a Mystery Box villain, or both, tell me if you can see the Watcher in Baxter Plaza or any fractals.

If not I hope they release the Watcher soon, because I REALLY want to play as Spiderman Noir!!

-- SHSOFan.