Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Watcher and World Events

So, on one hand I'm glad that they finally released the Watcher and Spiderman Noir. On the other hand, the contest that they're preposing isn't very fair.

Apparently, in order to get him, you need to use every hero you have. Each hero can collect 10 fractals from each of the zones per 12 hour time span. If you don't have too many heroes, then you've lost before you start. Now I know there aren't a lot of players with that many heroes, but don't you think it'd be fairer to set some kind of amount of fractals that you need to collect to get him? Say it was 5,000 fractals, and you didn't have to do it within 12 hours. Every day, you'd still be collecting fractals, you just wouldn't be pushed to collect them in such a short amount of time, and you could have a chance even if you didn't have that many heroes.

I guess you'll just have to hope you get to be the lucky randomly chosen player, because the only way anyone will win this is if they have a lot of time on their hands and a lot of heroes.

What do you guys think? In some ways, it's a good idea. It'll certainly get more people buying heroes. Now if only they'll put back the heroes they swiped from the store, and gave us the Mysterio mission. That'd be nice.

To tide you over until my new What-If's out, here's a teaser!

-- SHSOFan.