Thursday, June 27, 2013

News to Me

Yes, that's an in-game loading screen, which means, thanks to SHSO's efforts, I'm finally able to get in the game! So everything that you've gotten used to is new to me! Just in case you missed something, I'll be reviewing every change I see.

Ooh, a summer mystery box! This is probably a better deal then any of the other boxes, at least you aren't getting anything TOO important. I really need to get one of those badges, though, just to see what it does. I'm crossing my fingers that they have a Gambit badge!

Hey, look, they also have a Titanium Man mission as well as a Mystery Box! Does this mean we'll get Thanos and Mysterio missions AND boxes?! Please make it be so! It does worry me that Mysterio isn't on the alternate loading screen above, but maybe they just couldn't fit him in.

Last and least we have Titles, which lets you add a title to your squad name. It's basically a money-grab, since I couldn't care less about having "The Weird Night Commander Guard" as my squad name.  Besides, it seems like an odd coincidence that all the cool names are only for Agents-Only members. I think it's fine to pass on this and save that 25 gold for fractals, (available in the Goodies section).

Speaking of fractals...

Fractals are finally in the game and I was able to get a measly 8 fractals before I got annoyed and bought one hundred of them from the store. It was kind of a waste of money, but who knows maybe I'll be the lucky random guy who gets the prize despite not really doing any work for it.

And here's the awesome new fractals screen, with the prize clearly displayed, (want want want want), and a leader board so you know what you're up against. It wouldn't take much to get on the board, you'd just need 10,000 silver, (got it), and six hours to get 200 more fractals. This seems like a huge waste of time to me, it's gonna take a while to collect all those fractals, and each hero can only collect ten anyway. Six heroes is only 60 fractals, and for 1,000 silver you can get a hundred fractals. It seems like the people who'll win are the people who buy the fractals in the store rather then the people who painstakingly collect them using their heroes. 

So, in short, get silver. Tons of it. If you have gold, purchase silver in the store with it. Then buy around ten thousand fractals, for which you'd need about 100,000 silver. Eeeeuuaaaghhhh. Like I said, not worth it. Chances are Spiderman Noir will be made available for a brief time in the store at the very least, hopefully permanent when the new reward hero shows up, (betting on Mysterio). After all, it wouldn't be the first time SHSO has put a so-called "exclusive" hero in the store. Remember Phylocke? Remember Armored Spiderman? Yeah.


Anyway, there's still more to talk about, can you believe it?!
My poll came in VERY close, with the Racing Game at 5 and the Megatron Mission at 6.
So I guess you'll be seeing ole bucket-head soon. Also, be on the lookout for my Behind the Scenes for the Transformers What-If!

-- SHSOFan.