Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas From Rogue

I know it's a little late, but here's a Christmas themed post from me... and Ghost Rider! Who is riding... a sleigh.

Anyway, so I thought I'd buy myself a little present today... :)

There was also a sale today, but I really wanted Avenging Rogue and after weeks and weeks of saving (and a few challenges), I'd finally gotten enough to buy her, so there you are.

So now, my christmas gift to you... an all new review of Avenging Rogue!



Avenging Rogue has only one jump, as I've come to expect from the character as she's displayed in SHSO. However, I was surprised by her flight ability! I forget whether or not the original Rogue has the ability of flight or not, all I know is that this one does, which is a welcome addition.

I give her EXPLORATION a 4/5! :)


From what I could tell with one mission as Rogue, she's going to be fun to max. Throughout her combo, she uses attack from various X-Men, from what I can tell she uses powers from Iceman, Pyro (will HE show up in game?), Jean Grey, and maybe Psylocke, and a few others that I couldn't guess! Her most obvious power steal is from Storm, since her first power emote creates a thundercloud over the target enemies' head.

I give her FIGHTING a 4.4/5!


And the winners of the World's Coolest Couple are... :P
Seriously though, Rogue's awesome new hood is really cool, and I also like the change in color from yellow to white as the secondary color on her outfit. Overall, I probably like this Rogue more then the other one.

I give her COOL FACTOR a 4/5! :D

OVERALL: Rogue rates 4 overall as a hero. While her exploration was fun and easy, I would have liked her jump to be just a bit higher, so that I didn't miss ledges as much while exploring the city. And while I loved all the references in her combo and attacks, I felt like her first power attack and her Hero Up were a little too underpowered. So yeah, go get Avenging Rogue! Despite these small faults, the most important ones will probably sort themselves out as you progress through her levels, and that Hero Up and first power attack get boosted. :)


So anyway, Merry Christmas, or whatever you celebrate, and Happy New Year as well! :D
I hope you've enjoyed the holidays, AND the new holiday sale that's going on! :)

Oh, and there's a new poll out now, look for it in the sidebar!

-- SHSOFan.