Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What If: Thunderbolts - Week 1

The following post is fictional. None of the new characters or events described actually happened.


Big news today! The new loading screen for the month of December is... the Thunderbolts!
I've been waiting for these guys to come out for a really long time, and I'll bet you were too, so let's get right to it, shall we?

First of all, right upon entering the store in SHSO I was greeted by Swordsman and Songbird, who were both released today! It looks like the Thunderbolts are being released two each week, or two things each week. I rigged up a little diagram here...

So my guess is that Radioactive Man and Ghost are next, since it seems like they're saving the best for last by getting Swordsman and Songbird out of the way. The third week is usually the time they release the mission, and my guess is that they'll wrap up the month with Scourge and Penance.

But ANYWAY... on to what you're probably waiting for... SWORDSMAN!

I was able to buy him and Songbird just as they came out, thanks to the power of buying gold. :P
I'm probably going to have to buy even more gold, since I'll want all the new Thunderbolts plus the new Crossbones mission. I don't really have the time to write two reviews for Swordsman and Songbird, but I can give brief reviews. I tested both of them out by doing a few missions today, so I'm ready to review.


So you'd think Swordsman would be a boring, underpowered hero, right? WRONG!
He actually is pretty awesome. Not only does he have the "Hawkeye double jump", (it's a double jump without a flip), which makes running around missions with him more fun then it would be if he were a boring standard locomotion system hero. As far as fighting goes...

He's awesome! Apparently, Swordsman's sword can shoot out bioelectric energy, so he can take out large groups of enemies really easily. His Hero Up is a spinning attack that lets you guide him to damage enemies, like Jean Grey. (I know there's a hero that has a similar spinning attack, but I can't think of it right now).

Anyway, overall, I give Swordsman a 8.5/10! :D


Songbird was formerly known as Screaming Mimi, and Screaming Mimi actually appears in the SHS tv show. Anyway, I knew I had to get her too so I bit the bullet and purchased the gold necessary to buy her.

Songbird has some of the coolest attacks this game has to offer, creating objects out of thin air with the power of sound. Is it just me or is that awesome? Her hero up is especially impressive, a particularly loud scream that works well with large groups of enemies, however I prefer her first power emote better, where she creates wings out of solid sound and flaps them, blowing away enemies.

While I don't care much for her standard locomotion system, I'm happy to trade it for those awesome fighting moves!

I give Songbird a 9.7/10! :D


Well, that's it for this week! Tune in next week for my reviews of Radioactive Man and Ghost!
If it turns out that my prediction is right, of course. ;)

-- SHSOFan.