Wednesday, November 28, 2012

You've Been Polled!

I polled you, you answered!
And now, a startling announcement. If you voted on something on this poll that wasn't as voted on by others, never fear! I am going to do ALL FOUR of those things on the poll in my new Thunderbolts What-if!

Remember, in the month of December, there will be a new Thunderbolts What-If post every week!
The outline is below.

Mondays will have a teaser post, Wednesdays will have the actual What-If post, and then Thursday will have the Behind the Scenes for that post!

No worries, just because the What-If is spread out over a month doesn't mean the posts will be lacking. They will all, individually be normal What-If length.

Tell me what you think of the schedule in the comments!

-- SHSOFan.