Saturday, November 17, 2012

Good News and Bad News

Okay. It's probably not what you're thinking. But here goes: I've been working furiously on my Thunderbolts and Runaways What-If. Today I completed the Thunderbolts half. Looking online, I realized that the Runaways aren't really wearing costumes, which doesn't make them too fun to model. Also, it might be too much work to model five kids and a dinosaur, right after modeling six other characters. So, I decided not to model the Runaways. Now I'm faced with a problem. What should I do instead? I decided after some deliberation to model Crossbones, because I've always kind of wanted to model him. Also, there's a new poll! Feel free to vote. In the meantime, my other polls are finished.

So this was one of the polls, the other was about how I was going to write the What-If, and so now I'll have to think of something new! Sorry for not delivering more then two heroes after months since the first What-if. Hopefully my Civil War Thunderbolts What-If helps, with six new "heroes" and a mission! Plus, there's a new poll you can vote on-- what new thing would you like me to show in the Thunderbolts What-If? With each What-If, I try to show a new kind of image. For instance, in Playable Villains I showed a picture of SHSO's Official Facebook page, and pretended like they had announced Hobgoblin and Carnage like the way they announce all the other heroes. Don't worry, all of the ideas featured in that poll will eventually be shown. 

Vote on the new poll in the sidebar!

-- SHSOFan.