Friday, November 9, 2012

Moon Knight, Dracula and More!

I was waiting for Moon Knight ever since I saw that teaser for him one of those sneak peek images teasing upcoming characters-- which, by the way, I've never posted, so here they are:

Credit to the Comic Book Resources forum for the image. Moon Knight was teased in the first image, along with many more awesome heroes like Bishop, Grey Hulk, Iron Spider, Squirrel Girl, Odin? King Thor? and others.

Unfortunately, although my What-If below says otherwise, I don't have the gold to buy any more heroes. :(

That's why I'll be missing out on Werewolf by Night, who I'm sure will come back in a promo code in a card set or something. It's kind of sad, because the reason I saved my gold in the first place was to get Moon Knight, but I now I can't get him. It's a little ironic. :P

Anyway, I DID get the new mission, (I had enough gold for that), so here's somewhat review!

Morbius is teased here, my guess is that he'll be released towards the end of this month, hopefully. :D

Fighting the hordes of zombies as Cable. They seemed a bit too large a crowd for me, but it sure was an interesting challenge! It makes me wish they would increase rewards even more.

The Count himself! I was sure they were going to go for the garlic joke... sadly, they didn't.

Dracula makes several references to the original Bela Lugosi film, like wiggling his fingers.
He's not the most difficult boss, but it may take a few tries to get an Adamantium on this mission.

I give the mission a 7.54/10! :D


Well, I'm glad my 100th post has been written and is done with. I'm also glad that now I get to model a million characters for the upcoming Civil War What-If! I promise it'll be even more awesome then Playable Villains was. :D

Stay tuned! :D

-- SHSOFan.