Friday, November 23, 2012

Indestructible Hulk Released!

I got into the game at last! Yay! And look who was waiting for me...
Indestructible Hulk! Unfortunately, he's Agents-Only, so I can't get him. :(

However, I CAN get the new mission, so I did.

You start the mission off with a greeting from a new Rouge, who looks awesome. I wonder when she'll be released, and if they're ever going to release Morbius? 


So the whole mission is just you running through a subway, defeating various villains. It's actually pretty fun. I got the Crisis Edition, and I'm not sure how it differs from the normal version yet, but I died multiple times, so yes, it's hard.

OVERALL: I give this mission a 8/10!
You'de think running through the subway would get repetitive, but facing off against multiple villains adds variety. 

Now I'm off to find three other players to play this mission with!

-- SHSOFan.