Monday, November 19, 2012

What-If: Playable Villains - Behind the Scenes

What-Ifs are a special feature on this blog that show what would happen if certain things were in the game. I use my modeling and compositing skills to bring you a fully realized experience!


Alright, so it is time once again for a behind the scenes post! PLUS: More on the new What-If, Thunderbolts!

Again, refer to my older Behind the Scenes posts for some technical terminology, and just because they're fun to read. :P
I will be explaining new terms, though, so you don't have to worry. :)

Let's begin.


For Playable Villains, I was going to have a new loading screen, but I ended up cutting it because it looked, well, bad. Here's a picture of what it was going to look like:

There are a lot of new things in this What-If, and I'll go down the list. First off, I couldn't use Wasp as a compositing trick anymore. This time, I actually had to paint out the backgrounds.
My technique was the usual one other then that, except this time I increased the resolution of the images, because I noticed that in the actual game the models weren't as anti-aliased as I thought.

Second on the list is the new Facebook page image.

I used the Facebook Moon Knight teaser image to make the final result. I had to pull off a few tricks, and the final image isn't exactly the same, but it was close enough.

Another new thing that this What-If introduced was a new way for me to make the SHSO bodies. Instead of modeling the body as a whole, I now model the torso and waist, and then attach the hands and arms and legs separately.

And finally, this What-If introduced the shopping image, in the actual shop. Here's a comparison from my Batman What-If and my Playable Villains What-If.

The New

The Old

In a way, it was cheating to use a white background in my old What-if, seeing as making an image in the store is trickier. For the image, as first I tried to composite multiple images of heroes in the shop, trying to assemble a background for Carnage. Sadly, it didn't work entirely, so I had to make a star and use a few more compositing tricks to make the final image.


Well, I hope that explained any questions you may have had. If I missed something, tell me in the comments! And now, a tiny, tiny teaser for my upcoming, highly anticipated Thunderbolts What-If!

Yes, that's part of the loading screen! :D
Also, the new format for the Thunderbolts What-If is as follows: Every week in the month of December, new installments of the What-If will come out, and I'll report on them as I would if SHSO really released the Thunderbolts! For instance, in the first week of December, I'll release a teaser for Week 1 of the Thunderbolts What-If on Monday, the post on Wednesday, and a behind the scenes post on Thursday. This will continue until it all wraps up on Week 4.
Wow, has this What-If been a lot of work. I've modeled seven heroes and the villain AND his henchmen already. Now it's time for compositing. So look for the first teaser on the 3rd of December! :)

-- SHSOFan.