Wednesday, March 27, 2013

JLA What-If - Week 4

Note: the following post is fictional, and does not represent any actual gameplay or announcements from Gazillion Entertainment, Marvel or DC.


Green Arrow and Green Lantern were released today, which is really awesome because I've been dying to try out another archer character, and the possibilities of Green Lantern attacks are just unlimited! :D
But let's get to reviewing, shall we?



Green Arrow has a standard locomotion system, no double jump and no flight, that is.
But his cool factor makes up for it.

I give his EXPLORATION a 2/5! :D


Green Arrow's fighting moves are similar to Hawkeye's, and, I'm guessing, Avengers Hawkeye's.
But that doesn't mean it's bad. Actually, it's quite good, I guess SHSO learned their lesson with the first Hawkeye release. 

I give Green Arrow's FIGHTING abilities a 3.5/5!


Let's face it: bows and arrows are cool. So are hoods. So are shadowed eyes. So Green Arrow has a lot going for him here. I may be a bit biased, seeing as I watch the Green Arrow show on CW, but Green Arrow is a cool looking character indeed-y!

I give Green Arrow's stunning duds a 4.9/5! :D

OVERALL: Cool looking hood, and cool looking archery. He's worth it, even for non-Arrow fans. I give Green Arrow a 4.1/5 OVERALL!



The normal jump is expected, but aside from that it sure is fun to fly around enrobed in green! It's a cool effect that I've never seen before in the game, I wonder how they did that? Anyway, it's awesome.

I give GL's EXPLORATION a 4/5 for it's originality. :D

I think that's dynamite.

That's definitely a fist!

Fighting is actually Green Lantern's best quality. You can summon baseball bats, swords, catapults, fists, dynamite, axes, hammers, chainsaws, lances, pick-axes and I think I even saw a teddy bear once.
His combo is really awesome, starting out with the usual sword and baseball bat attacks and then ending with a huge fist and dynamite. Wow! Plus he has a sweet first power attack with an enormous catapult.

I give Green Lantern's FIGHTING a 5/5! It's unique and it's awesome. When the repaints come it won't be unique anymore, but who cares? It's still awesome!


Okay, I admit that I'm not the biggest GL fan. I didn't watch the Green Lantern movie, and I only just got into the Green Lantern show that aired on DC Nation until it's recent cancellation. I've never thought of Green Lantern as a cool looking hero. His powers are awesome, but he's never screamed cool to me the way Batman or Green Arrow or Avengers Iron Man does.
 And sadly this Green Lantern is not the best looking one I've ever seen. I don't blame them though, because they had a ton of heroes to make for this month, but I for one am looking forward to a repaint.

I give GL's not-so-COOL FACTOR a 1.5/5.

OVERALL: Overall, while not the best looking hero, Green Lantern is really, really fun to fight with. Better then Pheonix. So buy him now! I give GL OVERALL a power ring punching score of 4.3!


Well it looks like the Justice League month has come to a close. Let's hope they do another crossover event soon!

-- SHSOFan.