Wednesday, March 6, 2013

JLA What-If - Week 1

Note: the following post is fictional, and does not represent any actual gameplay or announcements from Gazillion Entertainment, Marvel or DC.


Today SHSO kicked off their amazing new DC crossover event with this new loading screen, which featured six new JLA heroes and a new villain, Darkseid. 

This is the second DC crossover since they released The Dark Knight Batman, which sadly did not get a follow-up with the release of the final sequel movie. But, seeing as SHSO didn't release a new Amazing Spiderman repaint for THAT movie either, (hopefully when ASM2 comes out!), I can forgive them for it.

Anyway, so they're new line-up of heroes is: Superman, Classic Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and Green Arrow, an awesome assortment of characters we know and love from the comics. 

And this week saw the release of Superman and Batman, as I thought when I first saw the announcement for it. Luckily I was able to get both, and here are their hero reviews!



Superman can fly, obviously. He flies in his usual arms in front style, which is fun. He has standard jump though, which is too bad, since I've been dying to play a double jump hero.

I rate his MOVEMENT 3.5/5!


My computer crashed during a mission so I wasn't able to test out his fighting skills TOO much, but from what I've seen Superman is an awesome varied attacker, using eye-lasers, punches, super-breath to freeze enemies, and a Hero Up where he picks up a car and hurls it at attackers.

I rate his FIGHTING 4.9/5!


I've never really been a fan of Superman, so I'm probably biased when it comes to cool factor. All I'll say is that I'll be glad when they come out with a Man of Steel variant.

I rate his COOL FACTOR 1.5/5!

OVERALL: Superman is a fun, fast hero to play as, and fans of the old comic books will no doubt be overwhelmed by nostalgia. My only complaint is that he's slightly overpowered when it comes to fighting. I rate Superman a 4.5/5 overall!


Aw yeah Classic Batman! I've been waiting for this hero since TDK Batman's release. Let's get on to the review, shall we?


Classic Batman can scale walls with his grappling hook, and fly down to earth from rooftops. He also has a double jump, which instantly makes me a fan.

I rate his MOVEMENT 5/5!


Playing with TDK Batman in the Joker mission

Classic Batman uses his grapple, batarangs, and various martial art moves, much like TDK Batman. However, the animations are not a complete copy, which is nice.

I rate his FIGHTING 3.5/5!


He's Batman.

I rate his COOL FACTOR 4.6/5!

OVERALL: Classic Batman is a fun callback to the old comics, and is a must buy for Batman fans. Overall, I rate Classic Batman a 4.8/5!


Well, anyway, I guess the review section of this post is over. I'm looking forward to the other Justice League releases, especially Wonder Woman and the Darkseid mission.

Look for future follow-ups soon!

-- SHSOFan.