Friday, March 22, 2013

No Ads

I deliver regular content about a game a lot of people play and that seems to have bumped up my pageviews quite a bit since I started. So far, I have delivered this content for free and it takes a lot of time to make. Does that mean that it's time to make a profit from my readers? Does that mean that I'm suddenly going to "monetize" my blog and add ads? Well I'm happy to tell you that I will not be doing any such thing. Despite this blog being the most viewed out of all of my blogs, I am not going try to make money off of it. The reason is that I love this game. You love this game. All you're doing is reading stuff about the game that you love by a guy who wrote it who also loves it! The What-Ifs I make I create because they are fun to create, not because they bump up my pageviews or give me more money from ads on this blog. When you put ads next to your content, it not only slows down loading time, but it's unfair to the person who wanted to see your content. It's like the ad is saying, "You love the content right next to me, and because you're here you'll look at me!"
That kind of thing seems wrong to me, so you can rest assured that this blog will never, ever become monetized.

So that's your mostly text post for today! Check back in a few days for the first JLA What-If Week 4 teaser! Don't forget to click on every ad on this blog so that I'll make tons of money!

-- SHSOFan.