Friday, March 1, 2013

More Heroes Are Leaving The Store

Looks like people haven't been buying Scarlet Witch, Avengers Thor, Avengers Captain America, Rogue, Punisher, Astonishing Cyclopes, Avengers Hulk, or Hope Summers enough, so SHSO's deleting them from the store.
But, before they disappear, they are having a "going away" sale, with 20% off all the departing heroes.

You know from my reviews of them that Avengers Captain America, Hope Summers, Rogue and Avengers Thor are all good heroes. Cap was a runner-up on my Top Ten List of Best Heroes, and only because I didn't have room for him. So was Punisher.

The first question I have is: WHY?
There's a great line-up of heroes in the store. Why is SHSO getting rid of these perfectly good heroes? Bad sales don't mean people hate them. It just means you've buried them in your confusing store layout.  This is the equivalent of swatting every fly you find, instead of keeping them from getting inside your home in the first place. If they'd just change their store layout so that it was easier to navigate their great selection, and stop coming out with Spiderman/Thor/Iron Man/Hulk/Wolverine repaints every two months, then the stores wouldn't be crowded, and there'd be no reason to get rid of these characters.

These deletions, which are becoming annoyingly regular, feel very gimmicky, almost like they're testing how much they can hold back rewards before customers start disappearing as fast as the heroes.
It's bad enough we have limited gold rewards for no good reason, now instead of one new hero every week they're gonna delete eight? My advice to them is: reward your players. If every time a SHSO player talks about the game to a friend he rants about limited rewards and the deletion of heroes instead of how fun, exciting and fresh the game is, then you're going to wind up losing potential customers, not to mention the frustrated players.

While I don't think two goodbye sales counts as game-quitting material, I am not in favor of their continuation.

On the bright side: well, the store IS less crowded. And there are three new awesome potions in the store!

-- SHSOFan.