Thursday, January 31, 2013

SHSOFan's Top Ten Heroes!

Now, to be clear, not only are these my personal best, (they may not be yours), but these are out of just the heroes I have. :)


Number 10

Why is Gambit on this list, you ask? It's true that he's at best a clunky fighter, but I didn't pick him because he was good at fighting. I picked him for the number ten spot because A, he's my number one favorite hero, and B, he just looks really cool. Gotta love that head-sock, and trench coats never go out of style!

Number 9

Bam! Pow! It's Cable! Cable isn't the best sniper in the game, but he's still really fun to play as. Those futuristic sound effects accompanying the blasts from one of his over-sized guns are really awesome, and his star-like eye star is stylish as well.

Number 8
Ghost Rider

With his chain attacks and penance stare, plus an awesome bike to match, Johnny Blaze is a living motorcycle logo, and he also comes in 8th, for his cool factor and some of his attacks. I found his attack combo to be a bit slow, but nothing can beat the fun of riding his bike over an AIM agent, or how awesome it is to have a floating, flaming skull for a head.

Number 7
American Dream

American Dream isn't overpowered, but she isn't underpowered either. Her attacks are just between the two, in other words, in the perfect place. They're also really fast, which is one of the perks I look for when deciding on the heroes for this list. Also, mini-shields on a gauntlet on your arm?! That's just too cool to ignore.

Number 6
Avengers Hulk

This Hulk has everything the original Hulk hero has, except he's much more detailed. A bit overpowered, but not enough to be distracting, and lightning fast attacks make Avengers Hulk both my favorite Hulk I own AND Number 6.

Number 5
Avenging Wolverine

This is my favorite Wolverine in the game and I have to repeat myself here: He really is awesome! Playing as him in a mission makes you feel really powerful. I've had a lot of fun playing as this hero, and not just because all of his attacks are quick and powerful, maybe it's that new costume too. ;)

Number 4

Jean Grey

Officially the best sniper this game has, Jean Grey would be higher on my personal best list, if I liked her costume more and her Hero Up was a more powerful attack instead of a forcefield. But aside from that, she's actually a great hero to work up to, since she's still only 5,000 silver, (one of the few silver heroes left in the game). That and the powerful quick attacks she gives from a distance, (hang back and defeat more villains then your friends during a group mission!), makes her Number 4 on my list!

Number 3
Iron Man MK I

Playing as Iron Man MK I is one of the coolest things you can do in the game! He's every mecha fan's dream, he has all sorts of little details and things that make him even more awesome, like a rocket boost jump, and did I mention that he's ridiculously overpowered, which makes him ultra-fun to play as?! :D
In fact, being overpowered is actually one of the reasons he isn't higher on this list, because he doesn't have that nice balance between overpowered and underpowered that I've seen in other heroes, like American Dream.

Number 2

Since I've made it clear that I love quick and powerful attacking heroes, it should be pretty obvious why Daredevil's so far up on this list. He really balances the overpower and the underpower, (like I keep mentioning), and I really like how accurate they got the costume. All-in-all, a really fun hero to play as.

Number 1
Avengers Iron Man

If you've read my review of Avenging Ironman, you'll already know that I think that he is one of the coolest heroes in the game. Not only that, he has an incredibly unique attack combo, that not only looks awesome and is remarkably well animated, but is pretty powerful as well. I don't mind slow attacks if they pack a punch. All of Avenging Ironman's attacks are powerful, but not all of them are slow, just the really, really powerful ones. The sound effects are great, too, with all the servo noises and whirrs you'd expect during attacks, and Tom Kenny, (Starscream from Transformers Animated, Spongebob Squarepants, and many others), does his best Robert Downey Jr. impression. So, yeah. What could be better then that?!


Punisher: His combo and first power attack are too slow for me, but I like his second power emote, which is a grenade attack, and who doesn't love the Bunnisher?

Red She-Hulk: Red She-Hulk has my favorite voice in the game, and her attacks are pretty powerful. She just wasn't powerful or outstanding enough to make it onto my list. Maybe next time.

Monkey King: His armor is pretty awesome, as is his "strong" emote. He didn't make it on here because there wasn't enough room.

Avengers Captain America: A cool costume and lots of nice attack animations, some funny emotes and he's pretty powerful too, if that weren't enough. But there were already a lot of Avengers on this list.

Blade: Incoming garlic! Blade is a great swordsman and I had a lot of fun maxing him. Once again, there wasn't enough room. :(

Phoenix: Phoenix is an incredibly powerful hero, and probably deserves to be on here. I just didn't enjoy playing as her enough. But if I do "Most Powerful Heroes" one day, she'll be on that list. :D


If you have your own personal list, disagree with my choices, or think I ordered them wrong, tell me what you'd have done differently in the comments section!
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-- SHSOFan.

Note: images thanks to the CBR SHSO wikispaces hero list.