Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Some News

So first of all, I can confirm that Future Foundation Doctor Doom is 900 gold, and it appears as though he'll only last half a week more at least so get him now if you have the gold! (I'm certain that another opportunity to purchase him will present itself soon).

Also, thank you for voting on my little poll! I know you guys want more What-Ifs, so which one should be the next one? Vote in the NEW poll for what you'd like to see!

I'll go over the different choices in detail for you here:

TDKR Batman What-If
Now, I know that the previous TDK Batman was a ton of work, but it also didn't capture Batman's movie version as well as it could have. So, if you choose this option, I'll re-model Batman in SHSO, and feature Catwoman beside him and feature Bane as the villain, along with the Tumbler! :D
If this happens, I will be making a VIDEO, not a post, about the What-If, and there will be a new Gotham City zone in the video, besides all of this other crazy stuff. ;)

Justice League in SHSO
Do you want to see Wonder Woman fight alongside Batman, Superman, and a few lesser known leaguers such as Martian Manhunter and Hawkman and Hawkgirl? I know I would! This What-If would take the approach of my Thunderbolts What-If, with multiple weeks showcasing each new hero.

New Zones
I know I promised this before, and now here's your chance to see it! If you choose this option, I'll put up a poll where you'll vote which zone you would most like to see in the game, and then I'll choose it and two runners-up and model three zones, with a new character that you guys vote on it all of them, for scale. This What-If would take a distinctly different approach then the others.

So please vote, and tell me which What-If you would want next! :D

-- SHSOFan.