Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Poll Results and More Updates

You have been polled! Thanks to this poll, you guys will be getting an awesome Justice League What-If! Now, if you want to see a specific character from the Justice League, villain or hero, tell me in the comments and I just may put them in the What-If! ;)
But before this What-If, don't forget that I promised you guys a Thunderbolts video back in Thunderbolts week two! I didn't forget, and I'll be working on that, but keep in mind that this stuff doesn't just magically appear, and that it may take some time for me to finish.

Christmas is over and Emma Frost is back... for a limited time. So if you missed her before, get her now! I've been maxing my heroes, and I'm working on getting another subscription.

Anyway, I've been eagerly awaiting the next hero! Or do you think it just might be... a villain?
If it is let's hope for Anti-Venom! :D

-- SHSOFan.