Thursday, January 31, 2013

Guardian Released and Another Poll!

Another awesome release, this time it's the Alpha Flight member Guardian! Hopefully we'll see more Alpha Flight members soon, as well as a new loading screen! (please)!
By the way, Gladiator Hulk is back, and it looks like for good this time! Yay! :D

Yet again, I only have 140 gold right now, so I can't get Guardian. But he'll be one of the heroes on my list of who to get when I'm a member, definitely!


There's a new poll out: who do you want to see in my Justice League What-If?
I'll take the five most voted on and put them in my What-If!
Also, you can vote on multiple heroes! And don't forget, the CW version of Green Arrow looks like this:

So get to voting, and I'll discuss the results when the poll ends!

-- SHSOFan.