Thursday, March 21, 2013

Quicksilver Released!

Quicksilver has been released!
But, there are a few caveats. For starters, he's Agents-Only! Now that would be absolutely fine, IF he was silver. But he isn't! Instead he's 900 gold! Now, what?! Agents-Only character should not be gold. The reason they are Agents-Only is because only Agents, who have already paid money to get extra benefits, can purchase them. But instead of rewarding these paying customers with a nice silver hero, it seems like their trying to get you to shell over even more money for gold packs! And these are people who are already paying!

I'm fine with Quicksilver being Agents-Only, because he's well liked by fans who would pay the membership fee to play as him. But making them either save up a whopping 900 gold coins, (last time it was 170 gold a day if you got on the wheel and managed to collect it, which means it would take six days or a little less then a week to get 900, BUT, I don't know whether members get less now because of the limited gold rewards on the wheel and daily rewards). This is not the time to be forcing players to buy more gold. This is the time to be releasing silver heroes, putting some effort into the loading screens, lowering all the 900 gold heroes to 600, (which is still a lot of your a non-member), bringing back more tickets and releasing gold codes. Remember: REWARD the players, and while that may seem a bit self-serving, it's a well known developer's rule. They are the people who are playing your game, and if you're mean and limit everything, then you'll lose customers. I see it all the time on the Facebook page, where people decide not to play the game anymore because of the limited rewards.

I believe they can pick up again and go back to fifteen tickets per Adamantium medals won, 20, 10 and 5 gold slots, and all silver heroes in the Agents-Only section of the store.

You can do it!

-- SHSOFan.