Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Statistic Report

Recently I passed the 17,000 mark. I'm not really sure how my fan blog got this many views, but I can try to figure it out.

When I first started I asked another SHSO blog that I was following at the time, (Time Hound Times), if they would put my blog up on their blogroll. They in turn had gotten many views because they had a friend who worked on the game, and had posted a link to their blog on the official SHSO Facebook page. So the tree goes like this: Official Facebook Page > Time Hound Times > My Blog.

My first experimentation with what would eventually become my most popular feature, What-Ifs, was a small model I had created based on the character Darkhawk.
After that, I mostly reported on news and other things until I released my first What-If, Batman TDK in SHSO. It was released in July. As you can see, in July that year my views spiked and climbed upwards from there. I passed the 1000 mark. It was awesome.

The view count continued to climb and peaked when I released my Thunderbolts What-If. It has declined since then, but that's mainly because I've been reporting on the news. But this month, the view count is on a slight incline, and I think it bodes well for the rest of the month.

Anyway, I thought you'd be interested to see how my blog got the views that it did. And in case you're wondering, my TDK Batman post is still the most viewed post on this blog.

Remember to check back tomorrow for my JLA What-If Week 2's behind the scenes post!

-- SHSOFan.