Thursday, March 21, 2013

JLA What-If Week 3 - Behind the Scenes

Well it's another week and another What-If, and this week saw the "release" of no other then DARKSEID!

You may be wondering, "Just how much detail goes into these game images anyway?"
Well, it's time for me to explain.

First I model the characters and pose them by telling the computer how to move their arms, legs, etc. using a process called "rigging". I basically draw a skeleton on each model, and the skeleton tells the computer how to move the model.

The dots and lines represent the skeleton of the character in the 3D editor.

 As you can see, I've already added the fog effect, which is a tag that I can place on the camera. When I'm really building the scene, all the characters are already textured, because I import them into the scene fully textured, but for the purposes of "peeling away" the scene, that's what it would look like if I rendered it without textures.

Then I light the scene. Here's what it looks like without the anti-aliasing effect, (which makes it look like it's from the game).

Here it is with the HUDs added, plus a few modifications to the image, and it's done!

If you have any other questions, as always I'll answer them in the comments section below.

-- SHSOFan.