Wednesday, March 20, 2013

JLA What-If - Week 3

Note: the following post is fictional, and does not represent any actual gameplay or announcements from Gazillion Entertainment, Marvel or DC.


The new mission was released today, entitled "Darkseid of the Moon". The title also doubles as a handy mnemonic for how to pronounce "Darkseid".

Anyway, let's jump right into the mission review!




Darkseid is one of those really overpowered JLA enemies, and I imagine it must have been tough to figure out which of his powers to use. They do a pretty good job of showcasing all of them, though. Darkseid shoots plasma blasts, teleports, grows to the size of a giant, shapeshifts into your teammates, and even controls you during the mission! Darkseid has taken control of Justice League members and throughout the mission you fight evil red-eyed versions of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Flash. I expect Green Arrow and Green Lantern will be added when they are released. It reminded me of the Onslaught mission a lot, especially since it took place mostly in an alternate dimension.

I give the MAIN GAMEPLAY a 3.5/5!


Darkseid is a powerful enemy, but during the first part of this boss battle, you don't even get to fight him! Instead, he shoots plasma blasts at you with his hands ala Dormammu, and his JLA minions fight for him.

After you defeat him, he comes down to the actual battle stage and fights you.
It's nothing we haven't seen before, but it's still fun.

I give the BOSS BATTLE a 3/5!

OVERALL: A fun mission with one of the JLA's best and most powerful enemies, but it lacks originality and feels like a remix of Onslaught and Dormammu's missions.

I give this mission OVERALL a score of 3/5!


Well, I'm excited to play this mission through once again with Green Arrow and Green Lantern, who are most certainly coming next week! (Or maybe they'll pull another Mysterio smoke and mirror trick on us!)

Let's hope not!
-- SHSOFan.