Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mission Review: Wen-Di-Go Away

The latest mission is "Wen-Di-Go Away", and I finally got into the game, so now I can review it!


Wen-Di-Go Away introduces one sort of new mechanic into SHSO's missions: by clicking on tikies you can stun all the enemies on the screen, and deal them a small amount of damage. This is probably more useful if you're playing it with friends then if you're soloing. Now I know it's not an entirely new mechanic-- there have been enemy stunning gadgets before, like in a Skrull mission, (can't remember which one), and of course in Ock it to Me. But you have to admit that there never has been an enemy stunning tiki before! Aside from the tikies there wasn't much else that we haven't seen before.. and what little there was is discussed next section!

Overall, I rate the STAGE GAMEPLAY a 3.1 out of 5. It's fun, but for the most part it doesn't introduce anything new.


The new mission features one new set of enemies: the wendigos! The wendigos were a fresh take on enemies, similar to Moloids, at least size-wise. The wendigos also could summon ghostly versions of Loki, (not the Avengers Loki, though), and Enchantress. Some frost giants snuck in too.

Overall, I rate the ENEMIES a 3.7 out of 5. It's cool that there are new enemies, but they reused some old ones too.


The boss of this mission is the wendigo himself! Wait-- weren't we fighting wendigos the entire mission? Ah, but this is a BIGGER wendigo! This large wendigo packs quite a punch-- I got K.O.ed as Avengers Hulk and that almost never happens. However, at the press of a button conveniently located on the boss stage, you can summon Indestructible Hulk, who'll distract the wendigo for a bit while you go grab health. Luckily, this new mechanic doesn't feel too weird, and the fight goes the usual way otherwise.

I rate THE BOSS FIGHT a 3 out of 5! It brings in one new thing while keeping a lot of old things.


Will I go on this mission again? Sure! It's a new Asgard mission, it's fairly short on a powerful hero, and there are some new enemies.


Adding up all my scores for an average proclaims Wen-Di-Go Away is a 3.2 out of 5!


Well, aside from this mission, there's other news as well! The blog SHSO Team Awesome posted a post with exclusive pictures of, wait for it... GOLIATH! And they gave away a free code, which I can verify definitely works. So for all that and more, click this link to see SHSO Team Awesome's post.

Until next time.

-- SHSOFan.