Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Avengers Hulk

Unfortunately, the guys at the Amazing Society decided to make Hawkeye members-only, and, I suspect, Black Widow members only as well. That meant that I could spend the gold I was planning on getting Hawkeye with on Avengers Hulk, so here at last is Hulk's review.

Here's the turnaround! And now for the actual review...


Hulk is a normal jumping Hulk, and it's really fun to go around the zones with him. You can go practically anywhere! :D

His first emote is the same as his Hero Up, like Avengers Ironman, Thor and Captain America.
This emote is a trifle long, but it sure feels satisfying to smash those trouble bots with a tank top, (lol).
Speaking of which, that's probably a reference to The Incredible Hulk movie. I don't remember the movie too well, but I do remember something about a tank. I don't know, maybe it isn't. I'll probably need to watch that again...

I give his EXPLORATION a 4.6/5!


Hulk immediately jumps in with a quick, powerful strike that briefly stuns enemies, which is extremely helpful, especially with those blue and gold robots! His combo chain looks smooth and cool. And quick. His Hero Up works well on crowds, it works even better if you have a damage boost.

I give his FIGHTING a 5/5!


Hulk isn't exactly what I would call super cool, but because of his cool pants and surprisingly perfect hair, (I don't like it close up but far away it looks just like Ruffalo's, complete with greying temples!), not to mention his pretty awesome muscles, I give his COOL FACTOR a 3.9/5! :D


While taking the pictures for this review, I managed to level him up to 2.

Now to figure out some stuff...

All these guys have come out except Natasha, and Hawkeye is the only one who isn't available to all members. Will Black Widow also be Agents-Only? Or will she be available to everybody?
I'm betting on "Agents-Only" myself, but who knows? Only time will tell.

-- SHSOFan.