Thursday, June 28, 2012

Black Widow Release Date Moved!

So, as you know, Black Widow wasn't released yesterday. Which means that she's going to be released either next Wednesday, or next Tuesday! Like it was with Ant-Man two months ago. I'm super psyched because I'll bet anything July will bring an Amazing Spiderman hero release and a Lizard mission and the long awaited Mysterio mission. They may have some kind of Spiderman variant too, I've heard something about an Armored Spiderman that's exclusive to the real-life card game at the 'mo. As for August's hero line up, they have yet to release Grey Hulk, Squirrel Girl, Bishop, Charles Xavier, Commander Steve Rogers, and quite a few others! Plus, I've heard rumblings about something called Arctic Iron Man that will most likely be members-only and/or only part of the real-life card game. As a final note: when are they going to release Classic Wolverine? :)

-- SHSOFan.