Monday, August 20, 2012

SHSO TDK Batman Behind the Scenes Video!

At long last, here is the behind the scenes video for my TDK Batman What-If!

The next What-If is called Playable Villains and shows what would happen if villains were in the game. There will be a post and video as well as a behind the scenes post and video.

The What-If after that will be called New Zones and will be the biggest update yet, showing what would happen if various locations were added to the game for you to explore! This will, again have the usual assortment of posts and videos and behind the scenes posts and videos.

Also, I'm nearing the end of the challenges and so I've decided to make an Ultimate Challenge Guide, with all the challenges carefully explained!

I'm going on vacation, (again), so I won't be able to review any heroes that come out immediately.
However, I will be watching the site and I will know who it is when they are released and I will probably get excited and I won't be able to play the game because I will be on vacation. Sigh.

Anyway, that's all for today!
Check in a few days or so to see my review of the new hero, (if they release one that is).

-- SHSOFan.