Monday, October 22, 2012

Still No Hero

I remember a time when this game had a new hero or mission release every week. The reason for this was that the game had way more people working on it back then. Also, the fact that they had some time to make a ton of heroes before the game was released helped. My theory is that they have many heroes, Hope Summers, Iron Spider, Moon Knight etc. waiting to be released. The reason that they didn't have loading screens with pictures of new heroes was that they actually didn't have the heroes ready yet. It just may be that with this annoying break, they are busy fine tuning heroes for release. Also... where the heck is the Mysterio mission?! It's been almost a year since they accidentally put him on a loading screen, and the Spiderman month that came with the movie would have been a perfect time to release it! Speaking of the movie, where is the Amazing Spiderman repaint we were all expecting? They did it for the Avengers! Instead, we get an almost complete copy of the original spiderman with a few tiny changes called Ben Reily! Yeesh. Anyway... Amazing Soceity, if you're reading this, now would be an awesome time to release Moon  Knight, seeing as it's Halloween. It's not too late to make a totally awesome loading screen, you know! Oh yeah, and while you're at it, can you take all the weird henchmen out of missions where they don't belong? Like those Nameless Ones or whatever they are in the Lizard mission? It just doesn't make sense. And please take them out of the Mole Man mission too. If you want to reuse them, make a Nightmare mission. PLEASE, seriously do that.


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-- SHSOFan.