Tuesday, July 3, 2012

About the Rewards

Apparently, they still haven't reset the rewards and unfortunately soloing will never be the same.
When I thought they were lowering ALL rewards, I didn't notice that if you play a group mission, they are the same as before. This is incredibly annoying. It practically destroys soloing, which was one of my favorite parts in the game. Now my only choice is to find players who don't get K.Oed, (harder then it sounds), and try to get Adamantium on a mission with them. Why is this so annoying?

Well, here's what was great about soloing:

1): It was easier. One guy, less baddies.
2): Greater chance of a high medal. If its just you, you can go as fast as you want.
3): Nobody gets K.Oed but you, so instead of saying, "Arrrgh! Why?" you can say... well, still "Arrrgh! Why?" but at least this time you know it's your fault.
4): Want to play a mission? Go ahead. There's nobody you have to wait for, or try to find so that you can get a high medal.

Sigh. I remember when I played Home Invasion again and again, and I kept on getting Adamantium.
I could rack up enough tickets by the end of the day that I felt I could properly spin the wheel the next day. If I got Adamantium three times, I would have fifty-four tickets!

Here's a question. Why limit the number of tickets to practically six a day? (I can't stand playing again and again with people who die and get a silver medal, so I usually only play one mission a day). Do you guys at Gazillion WANT people to not be able to get gold? Sure seems so. The only way I see around this is by having someone who is ALWAYS online, ALWAYS gets Adamantium, and NEVER lags! That's practically impossible, given the limited and clumsy chat feature.

Well, here's hoping they change it back someday, but I somehow know already that they aren't going to.

-- SHSOFan.