Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Bought Monkey King!

Yesterday, I decided that my measly zero gold coins weren't going to pay for new heroes anytime soon, so I opted for $9.95 and $19.95 gold packs. Why two? They weren't offering a 3,000 gold package, and I figured I'd want at least five heroes. ANYWAY, so I bought Monkey King, the first of the five!

Monkey King's double jump is awesome and it makes it more fun to run around as him in the levels!

I also leveled up Monkey King by collecting all of his tokens.

Monkey King's first power attack is weird, but cool. He plucks something from his head and then blows a cloud of monkeys at the enemy! Well, it's nothing if not unique.

Monkey King has an interesting "5" emote where he uses his pole to scout ahead!

Anyway, I haven't tried out his attacks yet, but so far Monkey King has been worth the 600 gold coins!

So what do you think is coming next week? I'm guessing Iron Spider, but they may have a different kind of surprise in store!

Until then, 
-- SHSOFan.