Saturday, July 21, 2012

Avengers Black Widow

Yesterday came a new update, and with it a new loading screen, Black Widow and a new version of Spiderman's clone Ben Reilly. While it is refreshing to have a new loading screen on the other hand it looks rather unorganized with all the faceless Dormammu drones and Moloids, (neither of which are from Spiderman), plus a bunch of old images of characters that were already released. Nonetheless, I take it that these characters will be on sale at some time this month, as well as the Lizard's long awaited mission release.

What I don't understand is why they won't release Iron Spider or Mysterio. We already know they're more or less ready. I am also disappointed that there isn't an Amazing Spiderman costume variant. On the other hand, they may release another Spiderman month after this, so here's hoping.
I suspect that the reason this came so late is because the guys at Gazillion are also working on the newer game, Marvel Heroes, and I suspect that the SHSO team has experienced a drop in members as priorities shift to getting the new game out the door.

And now for Black Widow's review!



Black Widow is pretty fun to jump around the environments in, (she has a double jump, just like her non-movie version!). However, one issue I have with her is that her first emote not only doesn't include the Avengers logo, but it renders her invisible, which is not movie accurate.

I give her EXPLORATION a 3.9/5!


Black Widow's first emote is low damage, but thankfully short.

Black Widow's Hero Up works better with a damage boost, but it's still pretty cool and is useful for large groups of enemies.

Black Widow's main attack combo features a midair guns-a-blazin' leap, and...

an awesome bomb toss, which, despite glitches, is still pretty cool.

I give her FIGHTING a 4.1/5!


Black Widow's awesome costume and fingerless gloves scream cool. 

I give her COOL FACTOR a 4.8/5!


In other news, I have decided on what the next What-If will consist of!
Prepare yourself for SHSO What-If: Playable Villains!

-- SHSOFan.