Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Spidey Stuff!

Monkey King and Spiderman 2099 were released today! I've been looking forward to Monkey King ever since I first heard they were going to do him, and, while I'm not that familiar with Spidey 2099, I'm glad they released him, too.

They also released a Lizard mission!

I bought it for the usual 200 gold, and played it through with Ultimate Comics Spiderman.

It's set in the sewers, (like the movie!), and is filled with an odd assortment of henchmen. I mean, I get the lizards, but magical zombies and moloids just don't fit the Lizard at all.

Why was this the only screenshot I took of the Lizard!? Ugh!
The boss fight was cool, though, and with the Lizard going down on all fours in the second stage of the battle. All-in-all, if you're a fan of easy missions and don't care about the weird assortment of enemies and sewer location, go ahead and spend the cash.

-- SHSOFan.